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'THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE' - full-day presentation by Wal Thornhill at the SIS Midsummer Meeting, Redhill, Surrey, July 2010.
NON-MEMBERS - please apply to postal address at bottom of page for prices of these three items, or email using 'Contact Us' link in left-hand menu.
3-disc set Video DVD
Electric Universe talk  Disc 1  - Cosmology;  What is Plasma?;           
  Plasma Cosmology;  The Electric Universe
  Disc 2 - The Electric Sun;   Electric Stars;  The Solar
  System;   Gravity
  Disc 3 -  Planetary Scarring



Audio only CD - 3 disc set

DVD data disc 




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Stargazers & Gravediggers  Stargazers & Gravediggers - (AS NEW) More...
  I. Velikovsky. US - hardback.
  First edition, Morrow 1983
  Special prices for members (Non-member prices in red)

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The Reversing Earth  The Reversing Earth
  (1982 edition - collectible)
  Peter Warlow. UK - hardback.


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Sun, Moon, and Sothis A Study of Calendars and
Calendar Reforms in Ancient Egypt.
Lynn E. Rose. US hardback.
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The Electric Universe  The Electric Universe
  Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott.
  US softback.  Now out of stock

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No image  The Electric Universe and Saturn
  Configuration:  or how to explain the
  impossible -  (DVD) - Wal Thornhill
  Talk from 21st April 2005 Spring Meeting
  70 mins inc. 20mins discussion.  Temp. out of 
  stock. PAL (NTSC TV with PAL DVD reader)
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Thunderbolts of the Gods  Thunderbolts of the Gods   
  David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill.
  US - softback (Includes the 'Tutorial' DVD)

  Now out of stock

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Under Ancient Skies  Under Ancient Skies: Ancient
  Astronomy  and Terrestrial
  Paul Dunbavin. UK - softback
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undefined -24.50
Atlantis Researches  The Atlantis Researches: The Earth's 
  Rotation  in Mythology and Prehistory
  Paul Dunbavin UK- softback
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undefined -17.50
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undefined -24.50
No image  Catastrophism! Man, Myth and
  Mayhem in Ancient History and
  the Sciences
   ('The CD contains SIS back issues of Review
  and Workshop (1978-2005), as well as many
  other sources')  CD Rom for Windows/
  Mackintosh) Knowledge Computing.
                 Postage free everywhere
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No image   Quantavolution & Catastrophes.
Collection of 15 vols.
   Alfred de Grazia. US. (Is also available on  
   the above 'Catastrophism' CD-Rom).     
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Catastrophism, Neocatastrophism and Evolution
  Catastrophism, Neocatastrophism
  and  Evolution
  Trevor Palmer. UK Softback. 
undefined -3.95
undefined -7.20
undefined -12.60
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undefined -14.70



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