2019 Spring Meeting

27 April 2019

Talk featuring Adrian Gilbert and Assistant Prof Nick Thom:

  • Adrian Gilbert: Alchemy: The Secret Science

    Were alchemists really on a pointless quest or did they know something that has since been forgotten? Adrian will take us to the origins of alchemy, from before the current scientific paradigm closed the doors of our minds on a forgotten art. Adrian Gilbert

  • Assistant Prof Nick Thom: Making sense of the Dark Ages

    From his second book "History Rewritten" Nick presents revisions which he believes match the evidence from various different sources in the ancient Middle East significantly better than previous valiant attempts. Nick Thom

  • Video

  • Watford Quaker Meeting House,150 Church Road, Watford WD17 4QB (map). Nearest airport: Luton Airport (map

Adrian Gilbert: Alchemy: The Secret Science












Nick Thom: Making Sense of the Dark Ages

Prof Nick Thom


Video (Medium quality)