a 1560s lightning bolt

18 Aug 2012

At http://cosmictusk.com/kobres-on-16th-century-se-american-impacts/ ... Bob Kobres reports on some interesting events. For example, the town of Thunderbolt in Georgia was named from the translation of a native word for the area when an unusual lightning bolt had formed a spring which tasted of iron and sulphur.

Over at http://jacksonville.com/news/florida/2012-08-08/story/scientists-ask-did... .... or did early French explorers witness a comet impact in 1564, an impact that incinerated 500 acres? The river boiled and hundreds of fish died. It was thought it had been a lightning bolt but a retired professor says it could have been a comet 100 feet across, most of it vapourising but leaving behind a crater he thinks he can identify.