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Thutmose III

An amulet with the name of Thutmose III has been discovered in the spoil heap from the Temple Mount. A sifting project has been in progress for a number of years with members of the public taking part. A 12 year old girl spotted what looked like an unusual piece of pottery - and hey presto. See

Bosnian stone balls

At ... and was sent in by William Thompson - a unique rock found in Bosnia (see below)

Comet Halley

Tim Cullen has written some conspiracy like articles in respect of Heinsohn's amazing revision of AD chronology - and he followed this particular post with another one today. However, at ... he has come up with an even more radical idea, involving Comet Halley. His piece says that the burned horizons common to the Balkans and SE Europe between 6500 and 2000BC are due to periodic passages of Comet Halley - every 76 to 80 years.

gazelles on a roasting spit

At ... and the same story has been at PhysOrg and Science Daily. Gazelles were a prized part of the diet of Natufian hunter gatherers during the Bolling-Alleroed phase of climate (between the end of the Ice Age and the Younger Dryas period) and continued into the latter, maintaining a high part of their diet in what was thought to be an extremely dry period (the Younger Dryas).

vines in Sudan

At ... which takes us back to the 7th century AD and the Christian kingdom of Mukaria (which existed as a rival kingdom to Islamic dominated Egypt, practising the form of Christianity that flourished in the Nile Valley from the 3rd century until the 7th). Makuria existed from the 6th to the 14th centuries - and was probably under pressure from Arabs and their successors throughout that period.


Stephen Oppenheimer has written at least three very controversial books - and they all involve genetics (and his version of genetic interpretation). In this instance we are having a look at his theory regarding the peopling of Britain and Ireland, and the idea of an Ice Age refuge area in Iberia and SW France (and the possibility that Basques may represent a survival of those people).


Not really ancient history - just a few centuries ago. At ... we have a post on the Reformation of the English Church, a fascinating subject (for some) but of no interest to others. It seems there is a Great Bible of Thomas Cromwell, a fore runner of the King James version (which was for mass consumption). It has been in the library of Lambeth Palace, just across the river from Westminster Abbey, and has some secrets - annotations that interest scholars.


Long article on Jerusalem at ... lots of effort went into this and lots of pictures to go with the text. Enough there to get anybody thinking. Do we really know where the city of David was located?

Tell es-Safi

At ... excavations at Tell es-Safi, the site of Biblical Gath, one of the famed 5 cites of the Philistines, have reached Iron Age levels and they have uncovered a horned altar similar to those described in Exodus 27:1 and I Kings 1:50 etc. It is three and half feet high and one and a half feet around each side - and is made of stone.

Thutmose III

At ....     Late Bronze age Egyptian seals are still to be picked up from the ground it would seem - a bit like Roman coins in Europe. A hiker on a trip to Karnei Hittin noticed a white object on the ground, obvious to his eye as the ground rock was black basalt.