Astronomy news

A model of gravitation

At ... Raghu Singh has developed a gravity theory which accounts for gravitational radiation. The full paper is available at ... gravitational radiation accelerates a mass but does this mean the Sun is pushing the planets around their orbits as Kepler is said to have suggested. Is the Sun emitting gravitational radiation?

Rhodes Fairbridge and Sun Spot Minima and Maxima

At ... we have an interesting article by the redoubtable Rhodes Fairbridge, written when he was about 80 years of age. It was published in '21st Century Science and Technology' magazine and impacts directly on terrestrial climate and the current craze of some people to warn that we are descending into a Little Ice Age as sun spots seem to be in decline.

Electrictity and Flourescence and the Moon

At ... Tim Cullen wonders what, if anything, NASA isn't saying about its LADDE mission - which was recently terminated by crashing it on the far side of the Moon. What is the reality of electricity and flourescence on the Moon?

The Moon may have at atmosphere consisting of small particles constantly leaping up and down from and falling back to the surface, excited by the solar wind, an atmosphere of dust particles in constant motion.

Lords of the Rings

At ... Yes, mountains made out of space debris - on a moon of Saturn (but what is good for the goose might also be good for the gander) - could it have happened on Earth?

Galaxies powered by black holes

That is the inference in a story at .... and opens with the statement, all matter of fact, 'quasars- are young galaxies powered by massive black holes, extremely bright, extremely distant, and highly red shifted ...'

Ptolemy and Astrology

For those interested in Ptolemy and the origins of astronomy, or just astrology, one might be interested in the post at

More on Mercury as a newer member of the solar system

The original research has now reached the pages of New Scientist - go to ... although they aren't calling it a loose canon, or an exo-planet  that has been captured by the solar system, astronomers are thinking in terms of Mercury migrating from elsewhere in the solar system - the how and why is not mentioned. Volcanic blasts have rocked Mercury over a long period of time which seems to contradict the consensus view on the formation of the solar system.

The Green Sun

At ... reports from beachcombers around the world are sought for the purpose of understanding the ocean currents and winds.

A video at ... shows a hail storm engulfing the Barj Khalifar in Dubai, the tallest building in the world.

Space News Bites

At ... is all about bacteria from space and a possible future threat to life on earth.

At ... a new study of gamma ray light from the centre of our galaxy seems to indicate some of these emissions may derive from dark matter

What do you make of this?

At ... space telescopes have shown up a swirl of stars with a central emission with two jets - seeming to be coming out of what is regarded as a black hole. The star clusters are normally not observed due to clouds of dust but infrared radiation is able to penetrate that dust. The black hole is represented by a dot on the image - it cannot actually be seen. However, in spite of this the black hole is said to be a hundred times the size of the Milky Way black hole (which has also not been seen) and the latter is four million times the size of our Sun.