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planet smashup

Another violent episode in  the history of the solar system is currently being projected - this time involving Venus (shades of Velikovsky). At ... we are told this may account for the hot temperatures of Venus and its thick atmosphere. Does this mean scientists are now thinking in terms of co2 being inadequate to account for the warmth of Venus?

great cone

Like a super big pimple there is a great cone on the asteroid Ceres, and a strange looking crater at its feet. What is going on 0 go to ...

a monster volcano

The monster volcano occurred on Mars, we are told - see ... and it happened a long long long time ago - 3.5 billion years, it is claimed. Funny how so many things of a catastrophic nature all happened around 3.5 billion year ago - but perhaps that is a story yet to tell. Anyway, the thrust of this claim is that the outer layers of Mars were displaced, leaving the core untouched. The actual weight of all the lava that was spewed out of the super duper volcano was so heavy it caused the poles to move. The poles - yes, the poles.

Pluto Calling

Images of Pluto are still being beamed back to Earth - go to

Elsewhere, images of the centre of the Milky Way show a huge cloud of gas and thousands of stars. However, a little out from the centre is what is called the 'Central Molecular Zone' where eighty per cent of that gas is located


At ... the largest meteor to enter the atmosphere during the last 2 years, since Chelyabinsk, occurred over the South Atlantic Ocean on February 6th.

expanding charon

Nice one here. You have heard of the expanding universe and the expanding earth theory but now we the claim the moon of Pluton, one Charon, has expanded - and caused the surface to fracture and crack (see

Meanwhile, at ... astronomers have discovered a spectacular tail of gas more than 200,000 light years across, coming from a nearby galaxy. Do galaxies have tails like comets - on a much larger scale?

Playing Tricks

News on plasma fusion - see ... and meanwhile, at ... according to a recent study the inner portion of one of Saturn's rings appears to be more opaque in some areas than in others - an optical illusion that makes the rings look more dense than they are.

China Moon

    At ... some really nice images of the surface of the Moon taken by the Chinese rover Yutu and the Chang'e lander.

At ... we are told there was a head on collision between earth and another planet, which gave rise to the Moon. The article is in the journal Science 2016:351(6272):493DOI:10.1126/science.aad0525

radioemitting jets

Jets, outbursts of super heated gas moving at close to the speed of light, hae long been associated with the cores of giant elliptical galaxies. Astronomers have found a distant galaxy that also emits intense radio jets pouring out of its heart (otherwise its black hole digestion system). Two other regions of the galaxy also seem to have jets emitting radio noise - see

comet and magnetics

At ... abstract of a paper by multiple authors from multiple space centres across Europe and the US. These are people looking at the data from the Rosetta Mission (as it is currently understood). It is essentially about the interactions of the solar wind with the outgassing comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. In June there was an increase in the solar wind dynamic, a burst of energy that struck the comet much like the solar wind sometimes strikes earth's atmosphere full on.