Auntie's Porkies

21 Jul 2016

Oh Dear. Auntie has been caught telling porkies. Doom monger Roger from Auntie has been on the air waves - he even provided the words for Mr Shukman to strut on the 6.00pm news (July 20th). However, at ... has the real story. The dregs of the 2015/6 El Nino are coming to a close and we are still being harangued that global warming is to blame. The hottest June was back in the 1999 according to satellite data (the dregs of the 1998/9 E Nino). That is a tale by itself but the arm wavers are out to deceive - and deceive they do very well.

Over at ... we are told that 2016 climate trends continue to set records - all this while we are on the cusp of a major La Nina event kicking in right now.

See also ... NASA are monitoring Arctic sea ice (which has continued to degrade as a result of warm El Nino waters flowing up through the Atlantic. Just in time for when the cool water starts flowing next year.