Bosnian stone balls

14 Apr 2016

At ... and was sent in by William Thompson - a unique rock found in Bosnia (see below)

  .. ... Semir Osmanagic is the man who claimed had had found the Bosnian pyramids - not too far away from these strange objects. He continues to explore for signs of an ancient Bosnian civilisation and has said these stones are man made and prove his theory. The stone, as you can see, is large and spherical. It also has a high iron content.

Scientists debunked his theory of pyramids - and deny the possibility of an ancient civilisation in the Balkans. Anthony Harding, president of the European Association of Archaeologists, said Osmanagic's claimed were 'a total absurdity' - which may satisfy those people that trust in the veracity of the establishment but fans the flames of dissent outside the mainstream. They may look like giant cannon balls but according to a geologist they are natural - and are what is known as concretions. However, man made stone balls do exist in other parts of the world - most notably in Costa Rica. See also