Climate change news

Dr Strangelove

The spirit of Dr Strangelove appears to be alive and kicking - see ... scientists are considering adding aerosols to the atmosphere and modifying clouds to slow global warming. Apart from the fact the only evidence they have of global warming is derived from computer models it seems there are people out there that actually believe this stuff and are prepared to play around with the atmosphere of the earth. This is not just whacky - it's potentially dangerous. Blocking out sunlight is not a good idea.

Bees and beekeepers

At ... although not strictly climate change the doom mongering is generated by the same people that wail about global warming. It concerns the bee apocalypse which had its origins in the US. It concerns US beekeeping practises and not those of the UK. In the US bees are big business and bees are transported around the country from orchard to orchard in the spring (New York State, California, Oregon etc) and in the summer to the Mid West states.

Ice Calving

Interesting video at the link below - but it seems to have brought the alarmists out wringing their hands and crying in their sleep (going by the level of comments). In spite of that the video is awesome - go to ... raw nature in action. Just imagine what it would have been like when the ice sheet melted at the end of the Ice Age.

Boiling the waters

Two posts at Tall Bloke's talk shop on July 9th 2017. The first one is at ... is by Roger shortly before going on holiday to France. It is a post at ... which Roger commented on, to the effect he adds that solar magnetic variation on low level cloud cover is missing, the Svenmark effect.


All beefs come back to climate change - even when they don't at first appear to have a connection. At ... the issue, or the big beef, is how dangerous is radiation. In a nutshell, levels of radiation differ. What level is tolerable and what level is intolerable. This is an interesting debate as at students in the US have been conducting experiments with baloons that rise into the upper atmosphere to measure radiation levels.

Yes Prime Minister

Yes, Prime Minister ... upgraded ... go to and ...

Renewable Energy

In a week that has seen President Trump take the mickey out of his detractors by saying he was going to array the Mexican border wall with solar panels and then had a blast against wind turbines in a speech in Iowa, claiming they kill over 500,000 birds a year in the US (including raptors such as Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles) we have a couple of critiques of renewable energy from another angle.

Clive James

Clive James, a voice from the past, and still able to spar with the best of them. Here he crosses swords with the CAGW alarmist crowd, admitting that he would never have looked into the issue if he had not been laid up in a sick bed. He would simply have carried on believing what the mainstream media churn out - unthinking. He says that most people have never visited a sceptic blog and do not know the arguments on the other side.

Pieres and Habibullo

At ... Piers Corbyn, brother of Jeremy the Labour Party leader, is undoubtedly many measure more clever than his erstwhile politician sibling, described here as an astrophysicist. In a brush with a Lib Dem politician, the latter was left bemused, commenting 'what a strange man ...' which may be due to the shock of having the Lib Dem fantasy over global warming pulled to shreds by a bloke that becomes irate very quickly.

Tales of ...

At ... is a post by a solar scientist who says that alarmists would call him anti-science as he doesn't believe co2 is the driver of recent warming - but claims a more active sun was responsible. He made the point that it is precisely because he is a scientist that he is a sceptic of CAGW alarmism. He adds that what concerns him is that members of the general public seem to have no understanding of the core issues being debated and yet heatedly support climate change against deniers such as himself.