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Dirty Renewables

We've endured months of alarmism about dirty diesel fuel poisoning children living in big cities like London and Birmingham but now another dirty secret has been outed - biofuels are even worse. At ... a new paper on the subject has been published - and it hits right at the heart of the Green Blob. Not only are biofuels responsible for destroying the Indonesia rain forest (and decimating its wildlife) the fuel that palm oil is used in is more toxic than diesel.

How to concoct a false narrative

At created-via-data-manipulation-dismissing-the-sun/ ... the headline to this blog post is - scientists reveal how man made global warming is created via data manipulation and by dismissing the sun from their models.

Little Ice Age ping pong

At last, a study that recognises that low sun spot numbers are not entirely the whole story when it comes to the Little Ice Age - see ... Professor Mike Lockwood from Reading University has published a paper in Astronomy and Geophysics which says the overall shift in climate temperature were quite small. These are average temperatures. Hence, although sometimes it was bitterly cold other times it was fairly warm.


At http:/// ... it seems that mainstream views on the heat generated on Venus are changing. The greenhouse theory was applied to the planet and most notably this was championed by Carl Sagan. It seems Venus doesn't conform to the idea of runaway warming as the polar regions are 70 degrees cooler than expected. The polar atmosphere is not as dense as expected - between 20 and 40 per cent less dense than theory dictated. Then, there are all those volcanoes ...

BBC Climate Change

The Daily Express, a UK newspaper with a beef as far as the BBC are concerned, as the Express supports Brexit and the BBC is still resisting the proposal, has published an article with the title, '£8bn BBC eco bias' - striking parallels between the BBCs rabid coverage of man made global warming/ climate change, and the investments in its pension funds - go to

South Georgia

At ... South Georgia achieved fame in the 1970s when it became involved in the Falklands war. In this instance a paper in Nature Communications says South Georgia was covered in ice during the Late Glacial Maximum. Ice also extended well beyond the island according to the team of researchers that investigated the area in ice breakers.

Update on co2

On the same theme as the piece a few days ago on carbon dioxide, William sent the following link to a piece published in the Boston Globe. See ... the opinion is that of 'Jacoby on Climate Change'

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Weirding Humans

At ... we have a strange paper here - but useful in the sense it provides another dimension to what is normally pushed our way. It concerns the drying up of the Sahara desert. Were humans to blame?

Carbon Dioxide

At ... link sent in by William. One of Trump's fake news channels seems to have come up trumps by publishing this piece of analysis regarding other media outfits. The interview by CNBC of Scott Pruitt the new head of the EPA went hyper at a host of media stations and newspapers. He is contradicting global warming science and that kind of stuff.

Sustaining the consensus

At ... this story is all over the internet but I have chosen this link as the comments are worth scanning. It was published in the journal Nature (Feb 23rd 2017) and it appears to contradict the co2 meme in as far as it is not mentioned as a factor in palaeo-climate change. This is not surprising as it is dealing with great chunks of time - and cycles of thousands of years.