Climate change news

Lake Urmiah

Anyone with a passing interest in ancient history will have heard of Lake Urmiah as it appears on several important occasions in association with  hordes from the Pontic steppe zone in Assyrian annalistic records over a long period of time. It was associated with Medes and Persians, the Subartu/Subarian barbarians, and even with an influx of Scythians, all them enemies of the Assyrian state. It seems to have constantly been favoured as an area of settlement by incoming pastoralist tribesmen, possibly as a result of rich pasture or a very fertile soil.

Mont Blanc

The white mountain, Mont Blanc (topped with white blancmange) has become a new front in the war against CAGW doomsayings - and big money manoeuvres in the background. At ... which will irritate the virtue signalling global warming troops.

They are after your sunday dinner

At .... the traditional roast beef or lamb dinner is under threat - by hedge fund managers and CAGW alarmists. They have targeted fridge gases again, or HFCs, which also affects air conditioning units too. Is this a direct attack on one of life's luxuries (enabling us to keep food safe and cool) or is there something more mundane behind it. In other words, is the patent on HFCs too broad. Has some clever company got a new patent on which it wants to make a killing? This is what happened last time.

Fiddling Temperatures

Here we go again - at ... so that is how its done (some might say) - but others are more circumspect. What do you expect? Big money is involved.


The cows farting story is still popular amongst the Green Blob (as absurd as it sounds to most everyone else). At ... (which is written by a guest blogger from the Antipodes). The gist of the post is that productivity  (the amount of food produced) and the health of farms and their livestock are under threat from CAGW legislation and alarmist scare mongering.

Blooms, Manure, Tea Leaves.

At ...  a study of phytoplankton in the Oct 21st (2016) issue of Science claims that blooms of these small sea creatures and algae coincide with warming of the oceans. How does this affect the accumulation of chalk (blooms of coccoliths).

beneficial CAGW

It gets tiresome reading about climate change and the constant barrage of propaganda that ignores anything published that contradicts the new religion of doomsaying. However, it is not just Joe Public and an ever growing band of scientists that are opposed to the new religion of global warming as the actual benefits of renewable technology are now being questioned - by a growing number of environmentalists.

Sea Levels

It seems that even Yahoo (csn) news have picked up on the German sceptic blog No Tricks Zone as we are now told Kenneth Richard posted an essay there that quotes four recent journal articles that show sea levels have risen very little in recent years and show no sign of picking up at all. Go to ... and the original post at

Wiki Thought Police

At ... which all boils down to the activities of one of Wiki's self appointed mainstream patrollers of the internet, a certain self righteous chap who has been filling his pockets big time. It's a laudatory story and should, if common sense was common, bring down the CAGW mantra - but it won't. The pillock will ride again - and again (providing the faithful with the news they want to hear, rather than reality).

Sun spots and climate

At ... sun spot numbers have come up again recently with scientists realising activity on the Sun may affect earth's climate and should be part of their modelling process. This is being done without including the role of the solar wind impacting with earth's ionosphere to any great degree - but it is a beginning. It is worth going back a few months and looking at an earlier study that updated sun spot history.