Climate change news


Homogenisation of temperature data is a sore point with climate sceptics as it air brushes out the warmth of the 1930s and the 1870s. In other words, the warmest decades of the 60 to 70 year solar cycle do not show up as they should. Philip Lloyd, writing at ...


At ... Dansgaard-Oeschger events are sudden and dramatic episodes of warming that litter the last Ice Age period. They are thought to be associated with natural instabilities, or tipping points in climate change rhetoric. This is mostly because any other explanation seems to be less likely.

Lopsided Heads

Some upside down thinking at Scientific American - the result of a CAGW driven editorial agenda. Why is China dominating the global manufacture of solar panels? See ... which concludes the Chinese are good guys and are coming round to the CAGW point of view - in spite of the fact they are still building large numbers of coal fired power stations. It all sounds a bit like their adherence to the ozone hole a few years ago.

Arctic Ice

   At ... which is of course a giggle at the CAGW crowd that have been gloating about warm Arctic seas and melting ice as the El Nino inspired warm water reaches the far north (before the heat is dissipated into space at the pole).

Green Hypocrisy

I don't really need to say anything on this one as the action is so blatant - a manipulation of regulation to allow Green business to make a small fortune (and at the same time subsidise Green NGOs at the expense of wildlife and nature). The environmental movement has indeed split into factions. One group, the minority, put wildlife first. The second group put making money first. The story is at ...


The annual gathering of politicals and upper echelon bureaucrats, captains of industry and finance, and celebrities (such as Hollywood luvvies) in attendance at Davos is remarkable. Mixing with that toxic brew are environmentalist big wigs with all expenses paid by deep pocket sponsors, leading figures in Greenpeace and FoE  and various other NGOs. They are all attending a great jamboree with lots of expensive wines and malt whiskies, and the sort of food that owes more to appearance than substance.


At ... is a great post by Clive Hambler, an Oxford lecturer in biology (at Merton college, St Annes, Pembroke, Oriel and Hertford). He works in Oxford University's faculties of zoology, geography and anthropology and is co-author of 'Conservation' published by Oxford University Press.

Dead Fish and Green Energy

   At die-at-one-of-britains-best-loved-salmon-and-trout-streams/ ... fish along an 8 mile stretch of the River Teifi in western Wales have died as a result of a green power plant. An estimated 1000 trout and salmon lie belly up as a result of a spill from an anaerobic digester that converts cow slurry from dairy herds into methane.

Ocean Acidification

It is thought ocean acidification might become the next doom mongering scare story if CAGW is 'Trumped' in the coming months. It might be useful to learn something about it and going to ... for example a paper by Weil et al (2015) published in the Journal of Geophysical Research looks at ocean acidification and contradicts much of the doom mongering song sheet.

Having a Laugh

Sometimes the arguments are unintentionally funny. Others are incredibly out on a limb. CAGW alarmism is like that and this is one of the reasons why most people do not take it seriously - as well as the lack of the warmth that we were promised. At ... we are told global warming is happening even when the weather is cold outside the office window. A study in PNAS claims there are more places in the world where temperatures are hotter than there are places where it is just as cool as it ever was.