Climate change news

Green Games

At ... is a bit of old fashioned investigative journalism by Marita Noon and Christine Lakatos. Those with special access (crony capitalists) and influence (lobbyists) have cashed in on various green energy programmes and benefited from the mandates by politicians,  the rules as set and the regulations confirmed. Its a huge scheme - with huge profits.


Upcoming climate conference is being advertised on the web, but with a difference. This one is sceptical of climate science claims and climate models and bloated hot air from stale people. It has some cutting edge science, the redoubtable Piers Corbyn,  and lots of evidence contrary to the mainstream money laundering operation. Go to

cooked alive

At ... video surveillance at solar power towers in California have revealed flying animals such as birds and bats and various insect species on the wing, from bees to butterflies, dragonflies and wasps etc are killed by intense heat (cooked in flight and seared to a cinder). It seems Greens are not too concerned with wildlife in spite of what they spout self righteously - and we all know they couldn't give a fig for those knee deep in fuel poverty.

snout of glacier

In Down to Earth 96 (August 2016, ISSN 0969 3408), we have an article by geologist Brian Ellis who has been looking at records and visiting the site of a glacier that once filled the Nigard Valley in Norway, one of the outflows from the major Jostedal ice cap north of Sogn fiord. It goes back to the Little Ice Age and concerns documents of landowners complaining that tenant farmers had not paid their rent and court records from the same farmers who complain their farm is being overcome by advancing glaciers.

Back to Front Brains

We seem to get a lot of people thinking in a lopsided manner nowadays - but it seems climate scientists take the biscuit in this department (or should that be a tin of biscuits or cookie jar). At ... the climate scientists seem to be quite blatant now with their tricks and spin and don't even mind letting the sceptics know first hand they are fiddling the books. Why?

Auntie's Porkies

Oh Dear. Auntie has been caught telling porkies. Doom monger Roger from Auntie has been on the air waves - he even provided the words for Mr Shukman to strut on the 6.00pm news (July 20th). However, at ... has the real story. The dregs of the 2015/6 El Nino are coming to a close and we are still being harangued that global warming is to blame. The hottest June was back in the 1999 according to satellite data (the dregs of the 1998/9 E Nino).

Robinson, Robinson, Soon

At ... you can download a full paper by Arthur Robinson, Noah Robinson, and Willie Soon. The Abstract reads ... a review of research literature concerning the environmental consequences of increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide leads to the conclusion that increases during the 20th and early 21st centuries have produced no deleterious effects upon Earth's weather and climate. Increased carbon dioxide has, however, markedly increased plant growth.

Ordovician co2 problem

At .... we are told that during the Ordovician period the amount of co2 in the atmosphere was eight times greater than in the modern world. Why then did climate not develop into runaway global warming? The Ordovician period is normally associated with glaciation.

Ozone Hole Healing

A mainstream view of the ozone hole and a report on a study published in the journal Science this week - at ... and at various other MSM outlets and online blogs. Thios is another one for the slap on the back brigade. We did it. We banned CFCs and the ozone hole is healing (closing up to anyone else). No mention of the role solar wind plays at the poles. No mention of a quiet Sun and therefore few CMEs that disperse ozone at the poles. Sometimes you just ..... grr.