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Outrageous Waves

'Outrageous Waves: Global Warming and Coastal Change in Britain through 2000 years' by Basil Cracknell (Philimore and Co., Chichester:2005) was produced at a time when everything being published had to have a slant towards CAGW as the publishing houses seemed to think that otherwise they would not sell. Problem was that this just as likely caused as many people not to buy the book as buy it - so it was a negative policy. I purchased the book as I had an interest in coastal change - already possessing a couple of other books on the same subject.

The Fable of a Stable Climate

At .... I suppose this is the usual geologist take on climate. They are used to dealing with blocks of hundreds of thousands of years and the last 150 years is just a pin prick in time. The link is to a book review by Dr Hans Labohn. The book in question is 'The Fable of a Stable Climate' by Gerrit van der Lingen.

journalists catching up

The Daily Mail are reporting that co2 is greening the Earth (as claimed in a recent journal article) - or scientists used satellite data over 33 years to measure leaf cover. Why anyone should be surprised by this is a mystery. Farmers pump co2 into their plastic greenhouses for one reason - to fertilise the crops and obtain higher yields.

Josh cartoon character

  a cartoon created to counter wind farm and renewable propaganda aimed at school children - the character of Tommy the Turbine. In retaliation people opposed to wind farms sprouting on every hill and piece of rising ground in Scotland have come up with Subsidy Sam. Will he knock Tommy off his perch.

The story is at

more and more

More and more sceptics are emerging out of the mainstream woodwork. Eyes have been opened and pens are waggling in the hand - see for example ... sent in by William Thompson (and a lot of other links too).

catching up games

Climate science is slowly catching up with the rest of us. At ... they have discovered the 536 and 541AD low growth tree ring events. Mike Baillie has recently conceded two volcanoes were to blame therefore having to give up on his well publicised idea that a cosmic event was responsible for one of them (or both). In the process, or on the face of it, he has abandoned the idea of cold weather induced by atmospheric airburst.

Green Money Tree

At ... we learn the World Bank intends to increase funding for renewable energy projects - in developing countries. Should people over there start getting worried?

melting or not melting

  On the day the BBC has an old story about Greenland ice melting (the research was done months ago and is down to the 2015 El Nino) we have news elsewhere that global sea ice is rebounding back - and the Arctic is not melting anymore. See ... and we may wonder why the headline news at the BBC is running a story now well out of date (and not mentioning the current findings).

Easter Island

The environmental wonder boy and mischief maker Jared Diamond, author of The Third Chimpanzee, 'Guns Germs and Steel' and 'Collapse: How societies choose to fail or survive' etc, books that caught the imagination of the Progressives and the Green Blob, turning them into best sellers, also managed to cause a lot of angst amongst a lot of people and various attempts have been made by historical based researchers to refute what he said - that the people of Easter Island soiled their own nest.

Greenland ice sheet

The Greenland ice sheet as seen from NASAs G-111 aircraft, taken from 40,000 feet in altitude

The ice sheets of the world are being mapped in order to find any evidence of them melting. See