Climate change news

2015 warmth

Two pieces explaining the warmth from November to February - El Nino. Go to ... and ... The funny thing here is that it was the super El Nino of 1998 that set the global warming mantra into overdrive - but never acknowledged that the warm spike was a fully natural event. As CAGW went into full swing we may wonder at the connection with the secular apocalypse and the year of 2000AD (a year in which the brain cells go back to a date tuned into full religious mode).

Survival International

Survival International is one of the smaller but better NGOs - and they have complained about the activities of one of the bigger NGOs who are actively steamrollering tribes in the African rainforest in their  efforts to bring sustainability to the world at large. The irony is that the pygmy Baka tribe have been living sustainably with nature for thousands upon thousands of years. They represent a very old form of humanity, one that has survived into the modern world but one that is now threatened by the climate mob and Green do-goodery (and general gravy dipping).

mainstream catching up

At ... I always find it strange when a new piece of research claims to have come up with something new when it has been written about before. Mainstream scientists catching up is not exactly new but it just goes to show that research is ignored if it comes outside the bubble. In this instance is the claim that the mid-6th century climatic downturn was responsible, in part, for the collapse of the Eastern Roman empire and the rise of the Arab empire that threatened to overwhelm the civilised world of the 7th century AD.

John Christy

Dr John Christy is one of the more clever of the climate scientists and doesn't buy into the alarmism - go to ... is about the way surface temperatures are measured, using thermometers sited close to heat sources. Christy says satellite data is supported by balloon data but alarmist climate scientists prefer to stick to their climate models and reject the real data.

global warming strikes New York

Yesterday we had TV footage of a Chinese man who had never seen the sight of snow -let alone touch it. He lived in southern China. We also have some nice images of global warming in New York - see below

Warm november december

It seems the 2015 El Nino may be mostly responsible for the warmth of global weather in November and December. This is the line adopted by David Whitehouse at ... which is a rather nice title as CAGW people are fond of accusing sceptics who say heavy snow falls, like the current blizzard striking eastern N America, disprove global warming. It seems the sauce is good for the golden goose but not for the gander (Joe Public who finances it all).

atmospheric tides

Another one from ... the lunar gravitational pull increases rainfall when it is on the horizon but reduces rainfall when overhead or on the opposite of the Earth. The cause is the atmospheric equivalent of ocean tides - and the paper is published in Geophysical Research Letters (Jan 2016).

We are not of course referring to a lot of influence by atmospheric tides - and it would be difficult to notice, but the effect can be seen, they say.


Tornadoes are something that happens in N America - aren't they? Apparently, tornadoes, or whirlwinds as we tend to call them over here, are more frequent in the UK than one might suppose. Between 1981 and 2010 there were on average 40 tornadoes - mostly in SE England. Torro is a volunteer organisation of amateur and professional meteorologists in the UK and they hav e collected records of whirlwinds and storms, past and present, in a new book 'Extreme Weather: 40 years of the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation' edited by Robert K Doe, Blackwell:2010

PDO mischief

The Climategate emails were a boon to climate sceptics as they revealed what some scientists really thought. For example, this one from Swansea University - 'what if climate change appears to be just mainly a multi-decadal natural fluctuation? They'll kill us ... ' which is code for we'll be laughed out of the limelight (see third comment at

Taming the Flood

We are told by the media and the environmentalist lobby, and ad libbed by politicos that should know better, that building on flood plains and climate change is responsible for ruining the lives and homes of thousands of our citizens over the last few years - but they conveniently forget the role of the environmentalists such as Friends of the Earth, the RSPB, and various others of dubious ilk.