Climate change news

Auntie's Porkies

Oh Dear. Auntie has been caught telling porkies. Doom monger Roger from Auntie has been on the air waves - he even provided the words for Mr Shukman to strut on the 6.00pm news (July 20th). However, at ... has the real story. The dregs of the 2015/6 El Nino are coming to a close and we are still being harangued that global warming is to blame. The hottest June was back in the 1999 according to satellite data (the dregs of the 1998/9 E Nino).

Robinson, Robinson, Soon

At ... you can download a full paper by Arthur Robinson, Noah Robinson, and Willie Soon. The Abstract reads ... a review of research literature concerning the environmental consequences of increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide leads to the conclusion that increases during the 20th and early 21st centuries have produced no deleterious effects upon Earth's weather and climate. Increased carbon dioxide has, however, markedly increased plant growth.

Ordovician co2 problem

At .... we are told that during the Ordovician period the amount of co2 in the atmosphere was eight times greater than in the modern world. Why then did climate not develop into runaway global warming? The Ordovician period is normally associated with glaciation.

Ozone Hole Healing

A mainstream view of the ozone hole and a report on a study published in the journal Science this week - at ... and at various other MSM outlets and online blogs. Thios is another one for the slap on the back brigade. We did it. We banned CFCs and the ozone hole is healing (closing up to anyone else). No mention of the role solar wind plays at the poles. No mention of a quiet Sun and therefore few CMEs that disperse ozone at the poles. Sometimes you just ..... grr.

Having a Joke

At ... source of the story is the Daily Berliner newspaper. It seems the notorious ultra-warmists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (source of years and years of scaremongering) are warning the gullible that Europe may be facing a Mini Ice Age due to an upcoming solar minimum.

Beech Woods

At ... one and half million pounds, it is alleged, have been used to fund a rather strange story by environmental scientists at the University of Stirling in the southern Highlands of Scotland. They make the bold claim that beech woodland in southern England is actually under threat - from rising temperatures and a more common occurrence of drought. The problem is that their information or point of stat is based on a drought in 1976. My wife was pregnant in that year and I remember it well.

Wind and Hot Air

What the chancellor has in store over the next 3 or 4 years will make your eyes water. Go to ... and ... but do research the issue a bit more.

Gibber Man

Haven't looked at this blog before but an interesting point of view is expressed - go to ... and begins with the question, why do environmentalists hate Africa (but more correctly the Green Blob as I'm sure not all environmentalists can be tarred with the same brush). These people are of course primarily opposed to genetically modified food and the companies that market the ways and means of growing and spreading them via the sale of seeds.

Henrik Svensmark

The theory of Henrik Svensmark, the seeding of clouds by cosmic rays, has been strengthened by the results of the CERN experiments (recently published) it is alleged. Pierre Gosselin at ... Not sure if this is true but the media don't seem to have joined the dots as Gosselin has done as far as the recent CERN research is concerned. Do cosmic rays seed clouds - and alter the climate?