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warm november weather

The Times feature, 'Weather Eye' discussed the warm November weather in Britain this year, as December threatened to follow in the same vein. It does not specifically mention global warming but no doubt the weather will be used to push the meme in other quarters - and all that rain in Cumbria and Scotland etc. The latter is due to shifting jet streams and these are inclined to behave wildly during bouts of solar wind activity - as Piers Corbyn is inclined to say whenever he gets the chance (see

state of mind

At ... an interesting article with some nice photos - and a bit of scepticism just before the Paris bash. It doesn't say much, only that as a result of a cool summer mountain snow from last winter has not entirely gone away. On the Cairngorms it is not an oddity to see snow in early summer but these pictures are from all over the Highlands.

as the jamboree gets under way

As the climate jamboree gets under way there have been some nice contradictory blogs posted in the nether regions of the Net which serve to counter some of the alarmism now spinning wildly at a conference centre near an airport on the outskirts of Paris. Most remarkable of all is a piece in the November 26th journal Science - didn't anyone tell them not to rock the boat.

as we approach ...

As we approach the Paris climate conference with BBC going full swoon on end of the world doomsayings and delegates priming up to feed their faces with the best of French cheffery, croissants and brandy for breakfast and lashings of garlic flavoured dumplings, it might be useful to look at what is on the bottom of the plate - when nobody is looking.


A good article on ozone depletion sent in by Robert Farrar - did we really save the ozone layer? The link is at ... by guest blogger Steve Goreham who says that over the last few years the ozone hole has reappeared and is still growing over Antarctica in spite of it being 30 years since the banning of CFCs.

temperature data shifting

At ... the title explains the contents of the blog report which is now a widely known problem, first aired at Tony Heller's blog some time ago, and climate scientists need to explain themselves in a clearly understandable manner (instead of shreiking blue murder). Dr Friedrich Ewert looked at the data behind the global warming claim after it was reported by the media that 2014, and now we can add 2015, were the warmest years ever - yet the spring and summers were fairly cool in western Europe.

co2 or sun

At ... is instructive in that it explains why climate scientists do not foresee the Sun playing a role in global warming. This is one of a sequence of posts by Dr David Evans and he says, it is not co2 - but climate scientists say it isn't this fellow.

bacteria, methane, lignite and oil

Wonderful post by a maverick at Anthony's place this week - by one Caleb Shaw (go to ... where we learn that the CAGW bogey gas, methane (causes farting in cows and makes the world warmer which ignores the fact the even bigger grass munchers, the mammoths and mastadon, lived during the Ice Ages, in a colder world) is greedily being gobbled up, all the time, by bacteria, natures way of coping with methane emissions (and ignored by the alarmists for obvious reasons). This post is a bit of a biological lesson - back to school.

windy days

The Grid was about to go down - no wind. No Sun either as it was dark. Somebody filled their pockets - go to ... and

If you've got a longer attention span than a twitter feed you might like to read the 22 pages of Matt Ridley on CAGW exaggeration - go to

joking aside ...

The representative of the British government at the Paris climate bean feast will be the chump that got laughed off BBC Radio 5 live a few years ago - go to ... hard to believe but true. He also got a lecture at a Russian Academy meeting for being too lax with the truth and walked out in a sulk. Pends well for Britain's part in the jamboree.