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atmospheric tides

Another one from ... the lunar gravitational pull increases rainfall when it is on the horizon but reduces rainfall when overhead or on the opposite of the Earth. The cause is the atmospheric equivalent of ocean tides - and the paper is published in Geophysical Research Letters (Jan 2016).

We are not of course referring to a lot of influence by atmospheric tides - and it would be difficult to notice, but the effect can be seen, they say.


Tornadoes are something that happens in N America - aren't they? Apparently, tornadoes, or whirlwinds as we tend to call them over here, are more frequent in the UK than one might suppose. Between 1981 and 2010 there were on average 40 tornadoes - mostly in SE England. Torro is a volunteer organisation of amateur and professional meteorologists in the UK and they hav e collected records of whirlwinds and storms, past and present, in a new book 'Extreme Weather: 40 years of the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation' edited by Robert K Doe, Blackwell:2010

PDO mischief

The Climategate emails were a boon to climate sceptics as they revealed what some scientists really thought. For example, this one from Swansea University - 'what if climate change appears to be just mainly a multi-decadal natural fluctuation? They'll kill us ... ' which is code for we'll be laughed out of the limelight (see third comment at

Taming the Flood

We are told by the media and the environmentalist lobby, and ad libbed by politicos that should know better, that building on flood plains and climate change is responsible for ruining the lives and homes of thousands of our citizens over the last few years - but they conveniently forget the role of the environmentalists such as Friends of the Earth, the RSPB, and various others of dubious ilk.

Your electricity bill

The Verney family were big time landowners in Buckinghamshire in the 17th to 19th centuries. They had a railway station built in the middle of nowhere, on the skirts of their vast landholdings, which is now converted into a private house on a country road with no other houses around. This was Verney Junction, which for a time was the end point of the Metropolitan Railway out of London.

The Ideocene

Lovely turn of phrase - the Ideocene. At ... the BBC has been bleating recently about the Anthropocene - a new geological era which begins with the development of agriculture and accelerates at the point of industrialisation, the human mark on geological structures. I don't know if geological sediments will have cow pats in them but it is probable that fragments of plastic will be found and possibly even the fall-out of nuclear tests.

Greenhouse debunked

At ... well I never - Peter Warlow is vindicated. CAGW is grossly over-estimated. A paper in Energy and Environment by Japanese scientist Kyhoji Kimoto is the latest serious scientific study to debunk the greenhouse effect - especially the idea of zero feedback. Like the others it will be ignored by the mass media so don't expect it to be mentioned by the BBC. 


At ... is about a paper by Willy de Rop of the Royal Observatory of Belgium and concerns the idea of an 1800 year tidal period caused by a lunar wobble. However, the author of the piece at Tall Bloke's Talk Shop, one Oldbrew, sees a link with the 60 year solar cycle. The solar cycle in turn peaks in temperature in the 1930s and the 1990s. Climate scientists do not like the 60 year cycle as it suggests so called global warming is cyclic - and ice melt and ice growth at the Poles is also cyclic.

ocean warming

Lots of heat is being dissipated at the North Pole. A storm near Iceland has sent lots of warm water and air into the Arctic - what is going on? Joe Bastardi the meteorologist is into ocean currents - he has lots of heat to shed at the poles - see the above link and also read the comments (not too many to wrestle with) ...

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the image is of a CME erupting from the Sun - go to