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Glaciers in the Antarctic waters.

Anyone bamboozled by mainstream media and CAGW blogs penning nonsense about the Russian cruise ship getting stuck in a calving ice berg can read the real facts of the situation. Steve McIntyre in his usual penetrating study has been looking at ice in the ocean where Turney and pals came unstuck - or do I mean stuck. Go to

Ice Ages

At ... we have the idea that abrupt increases in temperature that occurred in a series of events interrupting the last Ice Age, the so called Dansgaard-Oeschger events (DO for convenience),  can be explained by cycles affecting the Earth system. These sudden warm-ups were quickly followed by glacial activity, and the theory is that these have a 1470 year frequency and an internal oscillation. Orbital cycles are highly regular, it is assumed, and do not fluctuate as in the DO events.

What is the Polar Vortex

Lots of handringing in mainstream media over a new terminology in the CAGW vocabulary, the Polar Vortex. In the past this phenomenon has been described as a 'cold front' or an 'icy blast' from the Arctic - so what gives. Why the new term?

The Devil and the BBC

I was out and about this morning, and caught snatches of a Radio 5 talk show on the car radio where the BBC had lined up a bishop in one corner and an atheist writer/journalist in the other. The target was belief in the Devil among evangelicals - with the added point of interest that Islamists also fervently believe in the equivalent of the Devil (which is why the ayatollahs described the US as the 'Great Satan').


Piers Corbyn at (News, January 4th) tells us that the stormy weather of December and the wild behaviour of the Jet Stream was associated with changes in electrical and magnetic activity above the stratosphere and in the ionosphere as a result of the solar wind of charged particles coming from the Sun.

The Roof Lights are open on the Greenhouse

In January of 2013 co2 was at 395ppm, some 50 points higher than it was in 1985. However, in spite of rising co2 the Earth was losing energy to space at a higher rate, giving a lie to the greenhouse effect. See

Naughty Boysey

Oh Dear oh dear. That chappie Rog the Not so Short One has been rather naughty - go to ... which is basically the bits they did not want you to see. Fabulous. See also ... which has lots of nice and polite comments. A real Bishop's feast.

Is this real?

A photo chop - or is it a photo shop. A splice photograph of a Copenhagen beauty spot ...

The link to the tweet is at ... which explains how the photo was crafted together - and like a horror movie was passed around the doomsaying community. No wonder they are shrill.

The Settled Science

The idea of science being settled about anything is a bit of an oxymoron but never mind - that is what we have come to expect where climate change is concerned. William Thompson forwarded a piece from The Boston Globe by Jeff Jacoby (Dec 4th, 2013) which said that back in 2006, at the time Al Gore was doomsaying heavily with his 'An Inconvenient Truth' he started a file with the label 'What Climate Consensus' - and has continued to place various bits and pieces within that file.