Climate change news

Jet Streams and solar Lunar Cycles

Three cracking videos from Piers Corbyn discussing the role of the Sun, and the Moon, on the climate, and how they cause changes in the jet stream - which is what is happening nowadays.


Climate Change and Cheshire Red

Change, not in the way the warm is causing the cold, but has it changed from warm to cold. We don't know but the Economist is having second thoughts, as well as the Telegraph, the Mail and the Express. The Guardian is fighting a strong resistance, sheltered in some kind of bubble (they probably have the central heating going full blast, being the favoured rag of the metropolitan elite). Commenter Cheshire Red at Bishop Hill is a man that wants recompense - see

Another TED talk takes a pounding

I posted a link to a TED talk video on 9th March that appeared to delight some people and cause others to grimace. It was Allan Savory's talk and it appears to have spread very rapidly across the blogosphere, seen by sceptics as much as greens. There has been quite a bit of criticism, which is not limited to one side of the climate debate. See for example ...

Hound Tor

Hound Tor on Dartmoor is supposed to have inspired Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. It is a bleak and lonely place, a high point surrounded by open moorland (uncultivated land which on Dartmoor is wet and rugged). Weather Eye tells us that in the medieval period there were four farms on Hound Tor. Livestock was kept, and moors provided forage, but also, and somewhat surprisingly, oats and rye were grown in small fields, and vegetables and herbs on garden plots attached to the farms.

The Bishop on the Plate

Phil Plait, the ultra conformist blogger at Bad Astronomy, is diagnosed at the Bishop's quarters. It seems he objected to an article in the Mail on Sunday last week, where environmental journalist David Rose pointed out global warming has been somewhat amiss in recent years - but instead of looking into the science the Plate got all preachy and regurgitated the writ as doomsaying believers would have it, stuffed down our throats, bones and all. Why does he feel he has to spout the official and unctious line all the time.

Temperature Proxies

A timely reminder that tree rings, ice cores, and speleotherms, which are all used to reconstruct climate in the past by geologists as much as climate scientists, are not as reliable as sometimes projected - see

Sacrilege ... an environmental solution that requires more cattle ruminating, manuring, trampling, and providing more meat in the diet of ordinary people

At ... Anthony has become rather excited by a video from a TED talk by an environmental scientist and biologist who has worked around the world, especially in Africa, in what he says has been a largely vain attempt to halt the spread of desertification of savannah grassland habitats.

Snow in March, lag in Global Warming

Lots of the white stuff in the air this weekend - Europe takes another cold snap in its stride but climate change disciples are adamant - the world is warming up (that's not snow that's a warm blanket).

At ... an old post but it just goes to show it's all a case of do what we say and not what we do, and behind the show of hands all things are not so hunky dory.