Climate change news

Oh Dearie Me, the Climate is a Changing

The New York Times (the American version of the Guardian) has conceded that global warming is not happening yet assures its readers co2 levels are still a threat to the global well being - see

co2 and shrinking Arctic sea ice

The assumption that higher levels of co2 causes major climate change is apparent on many fronts, not least in a new paper in Science (May 11th 2013) - see

The assumption not only lies at the heart of funding the research but the view scientists have on early geological epochs. If the Greenhouse theory is overrated what will all these geologists do?

Might co2 respond to temperature?

At ... reposted from and the abstract to the paper is at where the question is posed - does co2 cause temperature to rise or does rising temperature cause co2 levels to rise? In other words, have climate scientists and their baggage train been telling porkies, pulling the wool over the eyes of the average joe.

Dumb Farmer Syndrome

Interesting post at ... where it is assumed in an academic paper that rising co2 levels would have an adverse effect on crop yields - and they are bemused that it has not (or something like that).

The commenters are the best part of the story and they concentrate on last summer - cool and wet, and the coolish spring - and the way these two seasons have affected their gardens, allottments and farms. Julia Sligo from the Met Office puts the cold weather down to CAGW - is she burying her head in the soggy ground?

More on March weather

Keeping our feet on the ground and trying not to get hyped up by the cold weather this Easter, and snow in April, it is always good to have a read of Weather Eye in the Times, but we may also have a look at that blog with the catchy name, too - see ... which is a blinder, and some proper perspective.

The cold March in perspective

Getting a handle on how cold it has been this March means looking back down through the Central England Temperature record, the oldest in the world but still only a couple of hundred years in extent. See ... lovely name for a blog and it's a cracker too. It seems March was not particularly unusual in the grand scheme of things as 1962, from a UK perspective, was just as bad - and the cold and the snow lay on the ground much longer. As for central England a couple of years in the 1880s were as cold and colder.

Engineering Fallacy

How a new hockey stick was created to coincide with the next IPCC Report - and still on cue to be an icon. Another piece of doomsaying full of environmentalist gibberish. It all started with a PhD on paleoclimate but for some reason grew legs - and a very sharp uptick in temperature that led to lots of swooning by the CAGW types and general over excitement..

A greenish Arctic fantastical ... and mental contortions way down in the south

At ... computer simulation models are predicting trees are going to start growing on what is now tundra in the next 40 years. The article has two maps - one as it is now, tundra with some shrubs, and another one with lots of trees in place of the graminoids.

Jet Streams and solar Lunar Cycles

Three cracking videos from Piers Corbyn discussing the role of the Sun, and the Moon, on the climate, and how they cause changes in the jet stream - which is what is happening nowadays.


Climate Change and Cheshire Red

Change, not in the way the warm is causing the cold, but has it changed from warm to cold. We don't know but the Economist is having second thoughts, as well as the Telegraph, the Mail and the Express. The Guardian is fighting a strong resistance, sheltered in some kind of bubble (they probably have the central heating going full blast, being the favoured rag of the metropolitan elite). Commenter Cheshire Red at Bishop Hill is a man that wants recompense - see