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Windmills ... blowing on the waves

All about windmills at the seaside, turning and not turning - the economics of it, the clueless politicians waffling nonsense whispered in their ears by environmentalist organisations such as WWF, and some idea of the troughers with their snouts gobbling up our monies and energy costs - go to No Tiree Array for enlightenment,

For another take on the subject see also

Climate scientists seem to think anyone taking Hubert Lamb's extensive work at face value is a flat earther

Climate scientists or their self appointed spokesmen and political close allies have come out with the absolute in arogance - anyone accepting Hubert Lamb's extensive work on climate in the past at face value is the equivalent of a flat earther. This reeks of the Gordon Brown jibe a few years ago, aimed at climate sceptics, and is just as damning - but of who, the target or the accuser? Go to

Volcanoes and Cosmic Rays

On a similar theme a post at Tall Bloke's Talkshop - go to ... goes back to a 2011 paper at from the journal Gondwana Research - explores volcanic eruptions triggered by cosmic rays - sounds all a bit like Piers Corbyn. Basically, the Japanese authors examined eleven volcanic eruptions in Japan over 300 years and found nine of the eleven occurred during solar minimums.

CFCs and Global Warming ... it's fridge gases not co2 gas

This is one of those papers where you don't know whether to take it seriously or tongue in cheek. At ... there is a good read, mainly based on the news release and abstract, followed by a flurry of comments, themselves having the odd link to other papers which are likewise of interest.

All smiles in China

At ... the bankrupt EU is to payroll super economy China - and a picture shows them smiling, and no wonder. The great and the good are so desperate to keep the co2 gravy train rolling, and the emissions trading market in particular, they are willing to rob EU taxpayers down to their last pfennig (or whatever the Euro little bits are known by), filling their deep pockets even as the Greeks pick around on rubbish tips. How is this all going to end?

Summer and Winter - swinging back and forth, and the hockey stick bash

A paper at ... appears to have used the swing between summer and winter to come up with the idead major changes were likely to take place as a result of low sea ice levels in 2007 (data from 2012 is too recent to be included) - see as post to Tall Bloke by Paul Vaughn. The latter comments, 'the lesson here for students is that rote application of statistical computing in the total absence of basic common sense can lead to epic misinterpretation.

The Sun and the climate

At ... the Chinese have kept detailed records of sun spots, it is claimed, and they noticed that more sun spots = warmer weather, it is alleged. William Herschel, the 18th/19th century astonomer, who lived in Slough for a time, famously noted that when there were fewer sun spots the price of wheat went up. In recent times, Eichard Muller, as an example of modern climate science, claimed solar activity did not drive global temperatures - but co2 did.

Warmer Arctic

A paper published in Nature Geoscience claims the Arctic Ocean was 1 to 2 degrees Centigrade warmer between 50,000 and 11,000 years ago - see ... at the height of the Late Glacial Maximum. In other words, it doesn't contradict the idea of Pole Shift. There are of course other reasons why the Arctic Ocean may have warmed, in spite of being covered by a massive ice sheet, and these are explored in the paper.

Arctic Ice decline

At ... is a story of two methods of measuring the ice at the Arctic. NOAA is the traditional methodology and it shows ice is above 2007 levels. However, the other method, by satellite measurement, is showing less ice than in 2007. Guess which method the alarmists are getting excited about. It seems a storm in the Arctic has broken up the ice into small pieces and the satellites are apparently failing to pick up all the redistributed ice.

Jet Stream

It seems the Jet Stream was first discovered in the 1920s by a Japanese scientist. He sent weather balloons high into the atmosphere but found they were blown away by powerful high altitude winds sweeping eastwards. The rest of the world only learnt about the Jet Stream after the war when there were close ties with Japan. The jet stream is a river of wind 6 miles high and it course varies with the seasons. Cold Arctic air in the winter moves it further to the south while war tropical air pushes it back north in the spring.