Climate change news

Slipping the anchor

CAGW seemed to be firmly entrenched, especially from a science angle - until a few retired people with an addiction to messing around on the internet, started to prod and poke around, and now it seems the anchors that kept CAGW embedded are one by one slipping away - and the tide is going out. At .... the New Zealand National Institute for Atmospheric and Water Research is being taken to court over inaccurate temperature recording.

Weather stations and temperature

At ... this is the subject that put Anthony Watts on the blogging map, the weather station data and urbanisation (the urban heat island effect and so on). He quaotes Roger Pielke Junior who has his own blog, on a new paper in the Journal of Geophysics Research doi:10.1021D017578 (there is also a direct link to the paper provided by Anthony, one click away).

A 2000 year long climate reconstruction

Buzzing around the blogosphere is news of a paper in Nature Climate Change that may have put the cats among the pigeons - although the Team appear not to be impressed. At ... the new graph appears to show the Roman and Medieval warm periods were somewhat warmer than today - without any excess levels of co2 in the atmosphere. The actual average temperature over those 2000 years seems to show a gradual cooling - from the Roman climate optimum. However, such averaging techniques can produce a graph that is meaningless.

'whack jobs' whispering in the ears of our noble leaders

Environmental lobbyists and Green whack jobs seem to have the ear of our politicians, a somewhat startling situation when you think about it. Why not other sections of society? What is so special about this group of busibodies, a minority that has come to have extraordinary influence over everyday affairs, from the price of electricity, the availability of jobs, almost every facet of our lives, yet most of them haven't lived long enough to get a proper job.

Piers is getting a roasting

At ... this has come about as Piers Corbyn of fame has made a couple of 'public' forecasts- they are usually available only for a fee. This is probably a ploy to get more attention, a salesman's pitch to attract the punters who will pay to see what exactly the July weather has in store for us in Europe and North America. Anthony, and friends, intent to monitor his claims for July. The big problem is that Piers method is not 100 per cent - far from it. He admits as much.

Thoughts on Rio and new findings with implications for climate science, and the Ice Ages

Jennifer Marohasy (see reports on Rio and says the West and Western science was largely ignored at the United Nations talkfest in Rio - a sign of the times. It seems the Chinese are now in the driving seat, not only economically but scientifically - as far as climate science is concerned. This was inevitable of course as the West is mesmerised in looking at it's navel, fighting old battles which should have been reconciled years ago. Marohasy has had a paper published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, a journal with heavy Chinese input.

Foibles of Climate

At is something for those sitting on the fence in the climate debate. Which side is scientific and which side is not so.

Ocean acidification

Ocean acidification is another environmentalist manufactured scare story. There is extremely little likelihood the ocean could possibly become acidified - or ever has, and yet the hype is being wound up like clockwork and the subject is due to feature in the latest IPCC report as well as the Rio bean feast. A paper at ... claims ocean acidification was responsible for an extinction event that took place 252 million years ago.

Temperature Modelling

David Whitehouse has a pop at climate modelling at GWPF (where Benny Peiser and Nigel Lawson are the stars) - see but the really interesting re-modelling exercise went on in Australia - see ... a team of authors, bloggers and scientists went through the BOM dataset and found significant errors, omissions, and inexplicable adjustments.

Climate Change ... still a bother

At ... a paper in Science is now claiming humans had little effect on the Amazon rainforest before Columbus and the media have got it all out of proportion. This appears to up-end recent archaeology that has shown pretty conclusively large parts of the jungle environment were being farmed by people in the centuries prior to Europeans arriving on the scene. In the new study human encroachment is minimal, it is alleged, and most of the rainforest remained intact.