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Tides wait for no weather

How can the Arctic get flushed with warmer latitude water every 18 years or so? This appears to have happened recently - so what mechanism could be at work?

According to EM Smith it is down to lunar effects, or tides - go to ... and that 18 year cycle gets, in turn, accelerated by luni-solar factors, every once in a while, producing bigger flushing out of the Arctic. The result is a range of tides from near zero to 50 feet - which is the point people get worried by sea floods.

Climate change what just does things

In the UK we have had sink holes swallowing a car parked outside a house in a former brick works (and clay pit) and another sink hole opening up in Hemel Hempstead this weekend - and this follows on from a sink hole appearing on the central reservation of a motorway. However, over in Kentucky (Nashville), and proving they can't all sing and twang a guitar over that way, a museum display of collectors cars was swallowed up in a single bite - see

Why is it raining so much?

This year has been very cold in N America and very mild in parts of Europe. In Britain and Ireland we have had persistent and continuous rain, so much so the aquifers are so full they are overflowing, and rivers can't drain the water into the sea fast enough. Yes, the tragedy of all this is that all that water will end up in the Atlantic Ocean - not in a reservoir. There might be a drought in the summer.

Floods and Quangos

At and we get a flavour of the argument - and its a perfect environmentalist driven train crash, but the politicos are squirming too - go to ... which is nice to see. However, what has been going on at the Levels is described by a local scientist - go to

How to do dodgy climate science

Cracking dismantlement of a warmist graph that words alone could not hope to do justice. The video link is at ... must see video. Anthony is not anti-Obama, and not particularly political in outlook, so this is not a rabid rant but more a mocking piece of humour. Quite safe to watch.

Comical modelling, Greenie foodies

At ... in the last few weeks one warmist paper used the models to prove its going to get a lot wetter during the rest of the 21st century - and we all need some new gum boots, while another paper published near enough the same models but is telling us its going to get hotter than expected.

Goddard's Probe

At ... steven goodard announces that he was idly fiddling around yesterday evening, trying to make sense of the ISHCN V1 and V2 graph when he discovered a huge discrepancy at 1998. This, you may remember, is supposed to be the year when global warming peaked. Digging away further, thinking it didn't look right on the eye, yet alone anything else, he found there was a reason. At that point in time they switched from V1 to V2.

The Global Problem of Turbulence Cooling

I don't really see the point of repeating posts that appear at Thunderbolts as interested parties will visit the link on a regular basis anyhow. For those a little dubious of the EU and rarely visit here is a must see post that I can thoroughly recommend - go to

Glaciers in the Antarctic waters.

Anyone bamboozled by mainstream media and CAGW blogs penning nonsense about the Russian cruise ship getting stuck in a calving ice berg can read the real facts of the situation. Steve McIntyre in his usual penetrating study has been looking at ice in the ocean where Turney and pals came unstuck - or do I mean stuck. Go to

Ice Ages

At ... we have the idea that abrupt increases in temperature that occurred in a series of events interrupting the last Ice Age, the so called Dansgaard-Oeschger events (DO for convenience),  can be explained by cycles affecting the Earth system. These sudden warm-ups were quickly followed by glacial activity, and the theory is that these have a 1470 year frequency and an internal oscillation. Orbital cycles are highly regular, it is assumed, and do not fluctuate as in the DO events.