Climate change news

Green famines

An interesting post at ... which is a bit political - but raises an interesting issue. Does opposition to genetically modified food, which is claimed to make it possible to feed the world if growing conditions worsen as a result of climate change, mean they would have turned a blind eye to people dying in the Irish potato famine - and will they avert their eyes if a major famine as a result of global cooling occurs in the near future? What is the object of having NGOs.

Chinese Global Warming

At ... is this another instance of Chinese science overtaking Western science. The latter has become bogged down in peer review and political shenanigans, contrary science suppressed and heretics ostracised. Are the Chinese making another Great Leap Forward and leaving the West floundering in their slipstream.

Polar Bears

We had a wonderful television story from Canada the other week, a polar bear that became friends with a dog. They enjoyed a bit of scampering around and fun-fighting and the polar bear went on to return each year to renew his friendly aquaintance with the dog - even bringing some of his mates with him. In normal circumstances the polar bear would have eaten the dog but this did not happen. The dog was quite clever, in fact, as instead of barking in fear he initiated the play.

IPCC Wikia

The sceptic IPCC Wikia web site is getting better by the day - go to

Disappearing the AMO

Michael Mann came to prominence in the climate science world with his notorious hockey stick graph that did away with the medieval warm period and the little ice age - and it had an incredibly upturned blade leading up to 1998. At that time most of Joe Public were dupes and swallowed this exercise in data manipulation hook line and sinker - and it was used by the IPCC to browbeat the lowbrow politicos. However, some people were older and well read in more sober accounts of past climate - such as those of HH Lamb, and did not swallow the tale.

The difference between the two sides of the debate

At ... EM Smith tries to untangle the different ways of thinking about CAGW - and how those differences might arise. Its a nice, not too serious, blog post, and it can equally be applied to other debates too.

Ice on the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are still frozen in places and according to my sister in law (in Toronto) they are responsible for cold winds currently hitting the metropolis and making summer a long time a-coming. Spoilt by a succession of mild winters the folk of NE N America have finally caught up with a cooling world. The polar vortex is still affecting the region - going by the amount of ice on the lakes. This is all down to unusual behaviour in the jet stream, according to Piers Corbyn, with a direct relationship with the Sun (and the solar wind impacting on the upper atmosphere).

Who's frightened their wallets might shrink?

An interesting post at ... although Helmer is now a UKIP MEP, this blog goes way back to when he was a Tory MEP (until central office rattled his windows). The politics are immaterial, only that Helmer is anti-wind turbines (unlike the three main parties). It seems a senior spokesman for the UK energy industry is worried about the Euro elections - and what that might mean for the subsidy gravy train.

Piers Corbyn and Timo Niroma

The late Timo Niroma (of Finland) was a member of SIS for several years and an enthusiastic exponent of the Clube and Napier theory and the SIS Cambridge conferences on Bronze Age Destructions. His  web site contained some ideas drawn from SIS journals - but he also became somewhat of a climate sceptic with a specific interest in solar cycles.

Never before ... so much ice

Oh dear, lots of ice in the Antarctic. Seems like climate scientists are waking up. Joe Bastardi has been saying for years it is the ocean currents that warm the Arctic. Sceptics have been saying for just as long that oceans play a role, acting as one of Earth's thermostats (in this water world). Unfortunately, even while admitting they were wrong they are still trying to bamboozle reality b saying the ozone hole plays a role. Go to ...