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Piers Corbyn and Timo Niroma

The late Timo Niroma (of Finland) was a member of SIS for several years and an enthusiastic exponent of the Clube and Napier theory and the SIS Cambridge conferences on Bronze Age Destructions. His  web site contained some ideas drawn from SIS journals - but he also became somewhat of a climate sceptic with a specific interest in solar cycles.

Never before ... so much ice

Oh dear, lots of ice in the Antarctic. Seems like climate scientists are waking up. Joe Bastardi has been saying for years it is the ocean currents that warm the Arctic. Sceptics have been saying for just as long that oceans play a role, acting as one of Earth's thermostats (in this water world). Unfortunately, even while admitting they were wrong they are still trying to bamboozle reality b saying the ozone hole plays a role. Go to ...

The Sun and climate

At ... a new paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research Atmosphere claims a link between solar cycles, natural oscillations, and the winter polar vortex, likely by planetary wave divergence, which is more or less saying the Sun could be the ultimate source of polar vortex/ jet stream blocking (which was the big feature of the weather last winter). Piers Corbyn has been saying something similar for years - and he has been criticised for it.

Official - it's a belief system!

Like most of the population In the News has got a bit bored with Climate Change. Most everybody now realises it is all a load of codswallop and is really all about making some people rich at the expense of the less well off. However, for anyone with the stomach for this subject go to ... where he makes a strong case that CAGW is indeed a belief system and has nothing whatsoever to do with science.

Piers On Song

See ... the vieo of Piers Corbyn at the Electic Universe conference in Arizona this year. See also

Proton flux increasing - go to and

Climate Japes

It seems a local ecologist in East Africa is now saying there is no chance the Mount Kilimanjaro glacier is going to melt - in spite of CAGW doomsayer Lonnie Thompson making a career out of saying it was. Go to .... while over at the anti-fracking protest at Barton Moss in Manchester the Greenies have sent out an SOS - they have run out of gas.

The Climate Status Report

At ... March issue, page 119, we have a reference to the Global Climate Status Report published by the Space and Science Research Corporation in Orlando, FL (see It concentrates on the very cold winter experienced across a wide area of N America (and some other parts of the northern hemisphere). It makes several interesting points. Polls of your average person show that they are bored with CAGW doomsaying. Secondly, there has been no actual warming now for 17 years so clearly rising levels of co2 have little effect on the climate.

Laugh a minute

I'm not particularly into politics, apart from the fact I don't like any one of them - but here we have a classic (for anyone who did not tune in) - go to Http://'03/beagle-two-dogsby-heads-m/ ... and can you still remember Dan Dare and the Eagle comic (sorry youngsters - this is old boys stuff).

The Man on the Moon and Climate Science

First of all, a bit of a wake-up call, and the power of the Sun 

- see March 9th