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bacteria, methane, lignite and oil

Wonderful post by a maverick at Anthony's place this week - by one Caleb Shaw (go to ... where we learn that the CAGW bogey gas, methane (causes farting in cows and makes the world warmer which ignores the fact the even bigger grass munchers, the mammoths and mastadon, lived during the Ice Ages, in a colder world) is greedily being gobbled up, all the time, by bacteria, natures way of coping with methane emissions (and ignored by the alarmists for obvious reasons). This post is a bit of a biological lesson - back to school.

windy days

The Grid was about to go down - no wind. No Sun either as it was dark. Somebody filled their pockets - go to ... and

If you've got a longer attention span than a twitter feed you might like to read the 22 pages of Matt Ridley on CAGW exaggeration - go to

joking aside ...

The representative of the British government at the Paris climate bean feast will be the chump that got laughed off BBC Radio 5 live a few years ago - go to ... hard to believe but true. He also got a lecture at a Russian Academy meeting for being too lax with the truth and walked out in a sulk. Pends well for Britain's part in the jamboree.

gloom doom vroom

A really fascinating post by Canadian climate scientist Tim Ball at ... it seems the Russian leader, Putin, has said, 'global warming is a fraud' which has upset some of the faithful congregation of alarmists. Tim Ball describes his connections with Russian climate scientists such as Mikhail Budkyo and EP Borisenkov.


At ... a new paper by Haas et al 'Ice thickness in the NW passage' in Geophysical Research Letters (October 2015) which shows that last year there was an awful lot of snow and ice in the Arctic regions - contrary to the constant blurb that Arctic ice is rapidly melting away and the polar bears are all going to die.

atmospheric weather patterns

At ... for a long time the prevailing view has been that climate variations in the Atlantic region are due to ocean circulation, the so called Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation which carries warm water north in the upper layer of the ocean and cold water south in lower layers of the ocean, part of the so called ocean conveyor belt. In text books you will find graphics describing how it works and numerous peer review articles have been written on the subject.

RS sinking lower

At ... tells us lots about the magic money tree and how even the allegedly most scientific organisation in the UK can be infiltrated and brought low.


An interesting speaker at the GWPF - Patrick Moore. This is not the eccentric BBC in-house astronomer (who recently died) but Patrick Moore, formerly of Greenpeace. He was a leading light in that organisation from its inception until a point 15 years later when he found himself the only scientist on the committee and they would not listen to his arguments concerning chlorine - which they had decided to demonise. They of course went on to demonise among other things, golden rice, and most famously, co2.

IPCC workings

At ... is a remarkable post as it describes how 75 per cent of the science that the IPCC commissions is actually dumped and never sees the light of day (as far as the pubic is concerned). An incredible story of political dishonesty.

feeding frenzies (update)

Some strange goings on have been noticed - and all covered in secrecy and an unwillingness to let the public into the inner workings of the legal profession and their desire to make hay while the Sun shines (collect their share of the loot before CAGW expires a natural death). See for example ... but the original story comes from Donna Laframboise, a Canadian sceptic, at ...