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robbin the hood

At ... this is one of those posts I printed out weeks ago but left to the side as it is politicised by the author (who is incidentally, not Anthony). However, it is interesting as it explains how the main beneficiaries of CAGW are the more wealthy strata of society - which may be one reason why so many billionaires and media luvvies are so keen on promoting the cause. Stating that is political in itself - quite apart from anything the link says (which should be read with one finger in the ear to blot out the noise).

ancient pollen

An interesting piece of research in Geophysical Research Letters Sept 23rd 2015 (see

From the abstract we learn that researchers have found evidence of a 2000 year long mego-drought in southern California (bigger by far than the hype surrounding the lack of rain for the past year or so). The researchers are not prepared to do things by half it would seem - why beat about the bush. Let's have a really big drought.

snow in december

The Paris climate bean feast in December is looking like it might be a gem - one to raise a smirk. The promise of a cold winter to come and the possibility of snow during the climate summit is one to savour. Activists and their politico lackeys would be preaching the dangers of a warming world when on the other side of the windows it could be as white as only the global warming stuff can be. Another Copenhagen beckons - see ...

Caspian Sea ups and downs

Peter Fairlie-Clarke also provided a link to a paper - all the way back to 1907. I know he's knocking on, but ... but as you will see it is old hat but relevant to the modern world

doubt and certainty

At .... is a free to download e-book (can be printed out or read online) by Alan Longhurst, a geologist rather than a climate scientist. Hence, his objections are with what climate science avoids or leaves out of the equation. He is also sore that HH Lamb has been left on the sidelines by the new class of the 1990s and 2000s when he was the main man through a large part of the 20th century.

El Nino fuzzy

At ... the El Nino brewing in the Pacific is causing a lot of agitation amongst the CAGW faithful. Why an entirely natural cycle should get them in a lather is anyone's guess - but they are desperate for a sign from heaven that warming is actually taking place and is not a fiction generated on the public by hedge fund managers and their allies in the NGOs. It needs to break just before the Paris bean feast (climate change conference).

the title says it all ...

At ... it seems CAGW science actively connived and went out of its way to actually ban mention of natural cycles of warming and cooling as they contradicted the idea modern global warming was something special and unique. The link has a youtube video and the accompanying comments are almost as good as the article itself.

two extremes, it seems

At ... we are told that for the last 1800 years there has been, on average, a global cooling that has only been halted by modern global warming. The error of that statement is obvious. Within the average over the last 1800 years there were periods of warming within the cooling events - so is it an article of faith to say that current warming is any different than past warming events. The proof of the pudding will emerge over the course of time.

2015 warmest ever

At ... we get to understand why NOAA, NASA GISS and HadCRU have been tampering with the temperature data by changing the way they do things and by manipulating the numbers by making older weather records colder in order to produce an upward graph where recent weather records are warmer - in order to keep the weather spike going in one direction, the direction they want it to go (upwards). It is all about the upcoming Paris Conference.

Mark Steyn

The controversial Toronto political commentator Mark Steyn has written part one of a new book, 'A Disgrace to the Profession' - and if you like your science and your politics strident this is the book to read as it is mostly a collection of quotes from scientists about a certain other scientist and his cohorts (in the CAGW business). Apparently it is shooting up the best seller lists and it is not due out until the first week in September.