Climate change news

ocean warming

Lots of heat is being dissipated at the North Pole. A storm near Iceland has sent lots of warm water and air into the Arctic - what is going on? Joe Bastardi the meteorologist is into ocean currents - he has lots of heat to shed at the poles - see the above link and also read the comments (not too many to wrestle with) ...

nice one Patrick

the image is of a CME erupting from the Sun - go to

whaling logs

At .... maritime historians are getting on the climate change bandwagon by co-operating with climate scientists in order to trawl through US whaling log books that are thought to preserve a unique record of sea ice in the waters of the North Atlantic, North Pacific, the Southern Ocean, and possibly even Arctic and Antarctic waters. They are asking the help of volunteers from the general public as they have so many logs to wade through - and we all know sea ice is disappearing. So they say.

plastics in the sea

Another favourite doomsaying of the media is the finger pointing aimed at poor old Joe Public because of mountains of plastic waste supposedly accumulating in the oceans of the world - particularly in the Pacific (and we all know the people of the western seaboard of the US and Canada are the most caring environmentalists of all, and don't we). After all, California and Seattle, along with Vancouver and the upmarketeers in the holiday haunts in the mountains with the ski slopes, are more concerned than those backward people in the hillbilly regions of the interior.

warm December

At ... the November and December warmth is not just in Britain and Ireland or along the path of the Gulf Stream into northern climes, it extends as far as Finland and affects continental Europe as far east as Moscow. Whilst this should be regarded as good news as it shortens the winter and you don't have to turn on your gas or oil boilers to get the central heating going, or stack up the wood in your Aga, or smokeless forms of coal, in the media it is treated as 'simply awful' and a signal the world is about to burn up all life forms.

useful midges

This article acknowledges the idea that a huge outflow of cold meltwaters from the Laurentide ice sheet was not responsible for the Younger Dryas period cooling - a position rigidly adhered to by  uniformitarian scientists (as they had no alternative ready explanation in a Gradualist world view). As such, this paper is important. However, it goes on to claim the dumping of cold fresh water in the North Atlantic was still onboard. Instead, it had an origin in the melting of the Scandinavian ice sheet.

warm november weather

The Times feature, 'Weather Eye' discussed the warm November weather in Britain this year, as December threatened to follow in the same vein. It does not specifically mention global warming but no doubt the weather will be used to push the meme in other quarters - and all that rain in Cumbria and Scotland etc. The latter is due to shifting jet streams and these are inclined to behave wildly during bouts of solar wind activity - as Piers Corbyn is inclined to say whenever he gets the chance (see

state of mind

At ... an interesting article with some nice photos - and a bit of scepticism just before the Paris bash. It doesn't say much, only that as a result of a cool summer mountain snow from last winter has not entirely gone away. On the Cairngorms it is not an oddity to see snow in early summer but these pictures are from all over the Highlands.

as the jamboree gets under way

As the climate jamboree gets under way there have been some nice contradictory blogs posted in the nether regions of the Net which serve to counter some of the alarmism now spinning wildly at a conference centre near an airport on the outskirts of Paris. Most remarkable of all is a piece in the November 26th journal Science - didn't anyone tell them not to rock the boat.

as we approach ...

As we approach the Paris climate conference with BBC going full swoon on end of the world doomsayings and delegates priming up to feed their faces with the best of French cheffery, croissants and brandy for breakfast and lashings of garlic flavoured dumplings, it might be useful to look at what is on the bottom of the plate - when nobody is looking.