Climate change news

Climate see-saw

At ... a team at University of Cambridge has demonstrated that the event around 2300BC involved a movement of the summer monsoon rains which resulted in drought - and this led to decline of the Indus civilisation. The research is published in the journal Geology (Feb 25th, 2014) and the inference is that climate change is responsible. Be that as it may - what caused the shift in the monsoon?

It Ain't the Sun wot warms the earth

I know the Royal Society is one of those organisations that is all about holding up the nose and feeling important but incredibly they are party to a paper that claims the Sun does not have the primary role in climate on Earth. Are they barmy or what? Are they so cocooned in their offices with all the simulated leather seats and central heating they can't see outside the window because the venetian blinds are closed - to keep out the sunlight, bejabbers. Don't want no Sun in here chaps, fix me another gin and tonic and keep the shades down.

Oh, what games that people play ...

The story behind the flooding of the Somerset Levels goes back to the 1990s - as extracted by the fingernails of Richard North and Christopher Booker - see ... and the odd thing is that it was all going so swimmingly well for them as nobody had a real clue what mischief they had hatched, having pulled the woolly jumper over the eyes of the general public, including the householders directly affected.

The Big Bad Wolf is on his way

A member forwarded a link to the Daily Mash - weather experts confirmed the headline above by looking up Norse mythology which describes extensive flooding followed by the Fenris wolf. A Met Office spokesman, it is alleged, said the watery bit was going to die down a bit but a giant wolf was going to swallow the Sun. Meanwhile, Thor is due to fight a world girding serpent and the gates of hell will be opened - and there will be havoc on Earth (for everyone), a bone ship full of skeletons and dwarves will be fighting the ice giants (if they aren't melted first).

One man view on fracking

At ... this is a geologist's take on the fracking issue and the wild publicity and propaganda he says is bandied around in order to create confusion. It is US focussed but the same applies over here in the UK.

Torrential rains, floods, droughts, fire from the sky and the wrath of God

A post at ... is derived from Online Speigel and their review of a book, 'The Book of Miracles' (available via Amazon and other book shops) which is a collection of 16th century depictions of celestial phenomena and signs in the sky, or portents of doom. They were recently discovered but were made at Augsburg in Germany around 1552.

Tides wait for no weather

How can the Arctic get flushed with warmer latitude water every 18 years or so? This appears to have happened recently - so what mechanism could be at work?

According to EM Smith it is down to lunar effects, or tides - go to ... and that 18 year cycle gets, in turn, accelerated by luni-solar factors, every once in a while, producing bigger flushing out of the Arctic. The result is a range of tides from near zero to 50 feet - which is the point people get worried by sea floods.

Climate change what just does things

In the UK we have had sink holes swallowing a car parked outside a house in a former brick works (and clay pit) and another sink hole opening up in Hemel Hempstead this weekend - and this follows on from a sink hole appearing on the central reservation of a motorway. However, over in Kentucky (Nashville), and proving they can't all sing and twang a guitar over that way, a museum display of collectors cars was swallowed up in a single bite - see

Why is it raining so much?

This year has been very cold in N America and very mild in parts of Europe. In Britain and Ireland we have had persistent and continuous rain, so much so the aquifers are so full they are overflowing, and rivers can't drain the water into the sea fast enough. Yes, the tragedy of all this is that all that water will end up in the Atlantic Ocean - not in a reservoir. There might be a drought in the summer.