Climate change news

We are the Walrus, oh yes we are ... and then again

The CAGW fraternity are not into admitting very much about the ice extent currently in the Arctic, concentrating instead on a big batch of walrus huddled together on one small island. They say this is due to ongoing ice loss with walrus forced to become landlubbers, assuming they prefer to squat on ice floes.

Fiddling the facts and telling porkies, not forgetting the lack of hurricanes

One day out from the publication of the full IPCC Fifth Report and the stitches are being undone on the blogosphere. The benders of facts are quite brazen it seems, and some new names are in the headlines.

At ... we have perhaps the most predictable, from a British point of view. Somebody reports the truth, noting global warming is no longer all it is cracked up to be and they are roundly condemned and accused of being immoral.

State of Play

If anybody is interested in reading the sceptic response to the IPCC report they can't go far wrong by going to ... as it puts it into a certain order of perspective, and comes straight out of the mouth of a prominent climate scientist. See also ... Prof Lindzen (atmospheric physicist) is on the same wavelength as Peter Warlow in his SIS talk on the subject of global warming and the greenhouse.

Rapid dissemination of 'bad news' will invariably prevail

At ... which illustrates how bad news spreads rapidly. In this instance, a forecast of another cold winter. However, out there in mobile phone land and the blogosphere there are a lot of people that associate the current low sunspot activity with very cool winters - the kind that were the norm in the 17th century (for example).

How long does co2 remain in the atmosphere?

This is one of those questions we might not really think about, and accept the usual IPCC meme that co2 accumulates in the atmosphere and remains there - providing heat in the pipeline. What is the reality?

Slating the Plait

The 'Bad Astronomer' Phil Plait, critical of Velikovsky and the people that take him either seriously or with a grain of salt, seems to have a habit of upsetting people. Matt Ridley is the latest victim - see ... and his response to Plait was refused publication at Slate (which says a lot about them) and has instead been published by Anthony Watts. In effect, it has now been viewed by far more people than Slate could dream of.

Sea Level Change ... in the consensus opinion

One of the abiding images of the early CAGW doomsaying was the chilling prospect of rapidly rising sea levels. Al Gore made a mint out of that film, with drowned cities and icebergs in places far from the Arctic. CAGW appears to be a money machine for some people - that preach to those that can't get at the trough, or are kicked aside in the rush. Green economics seems to be about making some people rich at the expense of the rest rather than a true moral crusade - not that such a thing would be any more appealing.

How to get a model to work?

Everyone makes fun of climate models - what are they missing? Why are they always running too hot? Why don't they comply with reality? ... and so forth. One man thinks he knows why - they fiddle around too much. He made his own model up, just for fun. Trouble is it is more realistic than all those expensive models produced by professionals. Why is that? ... see

Splitting the sides and tickling the ribs

At ... this one is a real classic. Satellite data has only been around for a limited time so what have this group of well known climate manipulators done - they have simulated satellite data back to 1860 and what pops up on the computer screens is the honest truth, guv. Then they write a paper which is published by PNAS saying that their simulation is proof humans are causing global warming - and they get a fat grant for doing this kind of stuff.

John Lilburne

The liberal elite like to claim that Mrs Thatcher (and Ronald Reagan) won the battle - but they won the war. This is of course quite true as liberals are ensconced in all the centres of learning, mainstream media, government agencies and departments, and almost every nook and cranny of modern Western society. You can't escape it - the mindset is endemic everywhere, from the police to political and social studies, from social workers to judges, form the upper echelons of the Church to the comments you might read on the Internet in response to CAGW - and other hot potatoes.