Climate change news

RS sinking lower

At ... tells us lots about the magic money tree and how even the allegedly most scientific organisation in the UK can be infiltrated and brought low.


An interesting speaker at the GWPF - Patrick Moore. This is not the eccentric BBC in-house astronomer (who recently died) but Patrick Moore, formerly of Greenpeace. He was a leading light in that organisation from its inception until a point 15 years later when he found himself the only scientist on the committee and they would not listen to his arguments concerning chlorine - which they had decided to demonise. They of course went on to demonise among other things, golden rice, and most famously, co2.

IPCC workings

At ... is a remarkable post as it describes how 75 per cent of the science that the IPCC commissions is actually dumped and never sees the light of day (as far as the pubic is concerned). An incredible story of political dishonesty.

feeding frenzies (update)

Some strange goings on have been noticed - and all covered in secrecy and an unwillingness to let the public into the inner workings of the legal profession and their desire to make hay while the Sun shines (collect their share of the loot before CAGW expires a natural death). See for example ... but the original story comes from Donna Laframboise, a Canadian sceptic, at ...

what's it all about

At ... some 50,000 people, supposedly intent on saving the planet will be flying into Paris, or coming by train or road, all using fossil fuels but mouthing to the rest of us that we should be curtailing our emissions, in December. We have always thought in terms of it being a massive guilt trip, and these people really are concerned about the environment. However, has it gone beyond the world of delusion.

sea levels

At ... no surprise here but this time it comes from the University of Siegen in Germany who issued a press release about a new study that showed natural oceanic cycles played a greater role in sea level fluctuations than deemed by IPCC scientists. If this is true of the past it must also be true of projection into the future. In other words, models of future sea level rise cannot be trusted.

robbin the hood

At ... this is one of those posts I printed out weeks ago but left to the side as it is politicised by the author (who is incidentally, not Anthony). However, it is interesting as it explains how the main beneficiaries of CAGW are the more wealthy strata of society - which may be one reason why so many billionaires and media luvvies are so keen on promoting the cause. Stating that is political in itself - quite apart from anything the link says (which should be read with one finger in the ear to blot out the noise).

ancient pollen

An interesting piece of research in Geophysical Research Letters Sept 23rd 2015 (see

From the abstract we learn that researchers have found evidence of a 2000 year long mego-drought in southern California (bigger by far than the hype surrounding the lack of rain for the past year or so). The researchers are not prepared to do things by half it would seem - why beat about the bush. Let's have a really big drought.

snow in december

The Paris climate bean feast in December is looking like it might be a gem - one to raise a smirk. The promise of a cold winter to come and the possibility of snow during the climate summit is one to savour. Activists and their politico lackeys would be preaching the dangers of a warming world when on the other side of the windows it could be as white as only the global warming stuff can be. Another Copenhagen beckons - see ...

Caspian Sea ups and downs

Peter Fairlie-Clarke also provided a link to a paper - all the way back to 1907. I know he's knocking on, but ... but as you will see it is old hat but relevant to the modern world