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Naughty Boysey

Oh Dear oh dear. That chappie Rog the Not so Short One has been rather naughty - go to ... which is basically the bits they did not want you to see. Fabulous. See also ... which has lots of nice and polite comments. A real Bishop's feast.

Is this real?

A photo chop - or is it a photo shop. A splice photograph of a Copenhagen beauty spot ...

The link to the tweet is at ... which explains how the photo was crafted together - and like a horror movie was passed around the doomsaying community. No wonder they are shrill.

The Settled Science

The idea of science being settled about anything is a bit of an oxymoron but never mind - that is what we have come to expect where climate change is concerned. William Thompson forwarded a piece from The Boston Globe by Jeff Jacoby (Dec 4th, 2013) which said that back in 2006, at the time Al Gore was doomsaying heavily with his 'An Inconvenient Truth' he started a file with the label 'What Climate Consensus' - and has continued to place various bits and pieces within that file.

The Svensmark and Calder model

For those wondering what all those electromagnetic and cosmic ray showers were doing Tim Cullen has the answer in his latest post - he says they verify the Svensmark and Calder hypothesis. Go to ... and the same post is reblogged at


A comment at 12.28pm on ... has the immortal line, '25 years ago Greens were chaining themselves to trees - now they are burning them. You couldn't make it up ....' and the reference of course is to the revamped Drax power station. It has converted from fossil trees (coal) to wood chips (live trees). The origin of the trees is in North Carolina, and no doubt somebody is making a few bob - but these are trees, real live carbon saving trees.

Politics and CAGW

Are the politicos getting cold toes and hopping around on one leg - which way to put the foot down, backwards or forwards. This comes a day before the German coalition have come up with the idea of charging renewable companies the cost of supplying fossil fuel back-up for their windmills and solar panels - sure to bring a halt to new developments. At ... this is something to behold, a scientist not on the gravy train speaking to their lordships (or some of them). He likens the present energy policy to ...

Toad Denier and 'toady deniers'

Here is a story of consensus science to make you blush - but not if you are feeling a touch on the toady side - go to


At ... latest update on plasma fusion - Chinese, American, French. Where are the British? Stuck up a windmill.

How much are we really paying in our electricity and gas bills for renewable subsidies. Go to and get a flavour of the hoodwinking going on - all connived at by the politicos in league with enviros and media plonks on a good earner. First you see it - then you don't. Smoke and mirrors.

A German politician with gumption

At ... it seems that Germany has its equivalent of Nigel Farage - and apparently not to be trifled with. The video is in German but Pierre Gosselin provides a translation. This is one example - 'you are not the thought police of Lower Saxony. You are not the Inquisition to hunt down others who thik differently ...' and the man's name is Dr Gero Hocker. Take note.