Climate change news

Science in desperation?

At ... we are told, with a trifle of Auntie's biased glee, rising co2 may have been, in part, responsible for the end of the last Ice Age. Has desperation set in we may wonder as various geologists, Plimer springs to mind, have pointed out unceremoniously over the years that co2 invariably lags behind rising temperatures. The paper in question has just been published by Nature (behind a pay wall) and appears, at face value to the news blurb, to be an attempt to say this is not always so.

Cosmic Dust

'Cosmic Dust in the Terrestrial Atlmosphere' was the focus of a meeting at the National Academy in Manchester on March 30th. An EU research grant has been provided to investigate the cosmic dust impact over the next five years (scientists from Leeds University, from Germany and from the US are involved). See blog April 4th and and the Royal Astronomical Society web site. The project was mentioned a few days ago but cosmic dust is clearly a very important component of climate change - or it might be.

Scaring the Proles

Poetry and climate science pragmatism ... see is the piece that comes from Sleepalot, the pseudonym of one of the commenters at the site.

Monsoon track across India

Fascinating piece at ... a paper in Geophysical Research Letters, 'Holocene Aridification of India' is based on a sediment core extracted from the Bay of Bengal where the Gondavari River drains the central Indian peninsular over which monsoon wind carry most of the precipitation. A 10,000 year reconstruction of climate in central India came about as a result of this core (close to a river mouth where it accumulates sediment very fast).

End of Holocene conjecture

An excellent piece by guest poster William McClenney at which is an update on an earlier posting. His argument is that CAGW people are ignoring the fact we live in an interglacial and we are nearing its end - or are we? Five of the last six interglacials, it is claimed, lasted around half a precession cycle.

Iron in the Oceans

At ... news that the Thera volcano (Santorini) is filling up with fresh magma - is it about to blow?

Isostasy and Mean Sea Level

An interesting guest post at Anthony's site - see ... a look at all the things that might affect global sea level - and whether or not it has been rising in the recent warming period. For the moment, sea levels appear to have settled down, possibly due to cooler sea surface temperatures as a result of two years of La Nina dominancy. However, there is more to it than simply thermal expansion of sea water. Lots more.

More Cotton Wool

The forthcoming IPCC AR5 report, it is being suggested, will not look at the Sun as the main driver of the climate, and has omitted reference to a number of papers and research that has done otherwise. There is no surprise in this as IPCC are committed to the idea co2 is the principle driver of climate - see (a guest post by Alec Rawls).

Sailing ships in the Arctic Ocean

There has been some speculation on sailing ships traversing the Arctic Ocean in the late 18th/early 19th centuries - see which is a stir of the broth as at this time the earth was supposed to be in the embrace of very cold weather. Surely the Arctic Ocean would have been thick with ice and a flimsy wooden boat with sails could never have got further north than the rowing team last year. After all, modern global warming is supposed to be unprecedented.

Doom sayings and End-times

At we learn that global jelly fish populations might not be exploding after all - another doom saying proved to be a shallow piece of environmentalist hype. It's getting to be too much of an occurrence - green doom sayings that go awry when some serious investigation is applied to the message (but meanwhile a false concept is out there floating around the media and being recycled by the unwary).