Climate change news

The Earth is Greening

At ... global warming or not the earth's biosphere appears to be benefiting from increased C02 in the atmosphere - the earth is greening. This post is based on one paper by three Chinese scientists, Liu et al, 'Spatial and temperal variations of global LAI during 1981-2006' in the Journal of Geophysical Sciences 20 (2010) - the LAI in this instance stands for Leaf Area Index.

Green fuel

At March 22nd. The headline says it all - this particular biofuel creates more C02 than burning coal or oil. Third world countries are being encouraged by green western governments to reduce emissions and bring a halt to the destruction of rainforest - or any other wild and green place.

The Sun and global warming theory

There is a lovely post at ... basically, it has been assumed that solar activity was not trending upwards, a situation endlessly trotted out by climate scientists that had the goal of negating solar activity as a cause of the 1990s/early 2000s spike in global temperatures.

Global Warming on Mars

At there is a story, 'Chasma Boreale, Mars' with an image supplied by NASA. The chasm is a long flat floored valley that cuts deep into the Mars polar ice cape. Its walls rise up 4600 feet and it seems the ice has retreated as sheets of sand are emerging that accumulated in earlier ice free periods. The depiction comes from images taken between 2002 and 2005 by the Thermal Emissions Imaging System onboard the Mars Odyssey spacecraft. Melting ice on Mars appears to replicate melting mountain glaciers on the earth - why?

Disappearing the contrarians

Although this story was flying around the blogosphere a few weeks ago it never reached much of a drama - and it is still quite low key. However, the day may well be coming when Google loses its golden shine and that aura of all things bright and wonderful.

Ozone and Meltdown

A couple of doomsayings - or what might be called some mischief making from environmentalists. Apparently, an ozone hole has developed this week over the Arctic and is said to be a big problem - blamed on unusually cold temperatures in the Arctic. Firstly, you may note the disappearance of ozone coincides with a couple of very big solar flares and auroral displays at the Poles but that is of no consequence, it seems (see ).

Household Lighting and the Earth Hour

An interesting post at is all about the history of lighting houses over the last couple of hundred years. It progresses from candles to oil lamps fueled by cooking whales. The discovery of fossil oil was a reprieve for the whale but was closely followed by the discovery of electricity and the much maligned light bulb, the object of derision by more extreme elements of AGW enthusiasm.

New Paper - Arctic Sea Ice Rebounds

At ... a paper in Geophysical Research Letters 2011: 38 claims that recovery mechanisms of Arctic summer sea ice shows that no tipping point is likely to exist as far as the loss of Arctic sea ice is concerned. In the summer it melts by varying amounts, sometimes more and sometimes less. However, each winter the sea ice recovers - and always will.

Hide the Decline

At ... if you never understood what the fuss was about in 'hiding the decline' in the Climategate emails read this piece by a climate scientist fed up with the small number of other climate scientists who have exagerated the warming trend. The comments at the end of the piece are approaching 2000 in  number - she has bit the bullet and people are squirming on one side, and are elated on the other.

Lake Baikal and the weather

At Lake Baikal, the worlds biggest lake, we learn is cold and deep and is giving up some of its secrets. A study in PLoS One (February 2011) by Russian scientists has found that water temperatures in the past correlate with El Nino indices and actually reflect sea surface temperatures in the Pacific - yet Lake Baikal is in Siberia.