Climate change news


Lots of media buffs are getting really excited about Irma and the prospect of a catastrophic brush with Florida. It's down to CAGW - the oceans are getting warmer leading to more horrific hurricanes. This doom mongering comes on top of Harvey which drenched Houston and the Texas coast with extraordinary torrential rain fall. How to take advantage of weather events to drive an agenda - see ... and do read the comments (or browse them).

Natural global warming

At ... Jennifer Marohasy and co-author John Abbot, a computer scientist, have written a number of articles on global warming that are in the pipeline, the first of which has just been published by GeoResJ (presumably an Australian journal). See also ... and the ... web site. It is pointed out that experiments on the role of co2 have never been undertaken.


Sorry about the amount of climate change posts in the last week but here we go again. At ... which features Dr Judith Curry in a YouTube interview in which she lays out the many flaws and failures of common climate science and how this highly politicised subject misleads policy makers. It is meant to. On balance, she says, I don't see any particular danger from greenhouse warming as a result of co2.

Modelling Climate

At ... is an interesting read. A climate scientist on falsifiability (or the lack of it in climate science) said, climate models are carefully developed and evaluated based on their ability to accurately reproduce observed climate trends. This is why climatologists have confidence in them as scientific tools, not because of ideas around falsifiability ...

Jonathan Swift

I've already done a post with the title of Clive James, author and journalist and former TV personality. Hence, the above title - although this is not the first time Jonathan Swift has cropped up in the pages of SIS in the past. At ... the Week that Was (August 5th 2017), always has some interesting information. Following a quote by Einstein we are told that following the peak of El Nino in early 2016 temperatures have dropped - but not as sharply as they did after the previous peak in 1998. The 1998 El Nino was followed by a La Nina cooling.

Chinese Checkers

The Chinese have jumped big time into the global warming controversy - see for example ... or at .. with both derived from a Phys Org press release. Warm periods in the 20th century are not unprecedented during the last 2000 years - in China.

climate hysterics

The quality of climate change research appears to be ever more hysterical. We have had one missive suggesting we should not have dogs and cats as pets as they eat meat - and cows and sheep eat grass and are prone to flatulence. Instead, they suggest we should have a hamster for a pet instead, even though they might be less attentive or loyal. A hamster won't sit at your feet when reading or writing, and a hamster won't stay by your side if you are unfortunate enough to have a heart attack while on a walk in the local woods.


At ... a roundup of climate change issues is published weekly - but from a sceptical point of view. You can get it delivered weekly to your inbox tray but a word of warning - it is a lengthy read and you could well end up deleting it unread on most weeks as you may well have better things to do with your spare time. As it was raining today I took the opportunity to browse some of it, The Week That Was July 22nd 2017.

Dr Strangelove

The spirit of Dr Strangelove appears to be alive and kicking - see ... scientists are considering adding aerosols to the atmosphere and modifying clouds to slow global warming. Apart from the fact the only evidence they have of global warming is derived from computer models it seems there are people out there that actually believe this stuff and are prepared to play around with the atmosphere of the earth. This is not just whacky - it's potentially dangerous. Blocking out sunlight is not a good idea.

Bees and beekeepers

At ... although not strictly climate change the doom mongering is generated by the same people that wail about global warming. It concerns the bee apocalypse which had its origins in the US. It concerns US beekeeping practises and not those of the UK. In the US bees are big business and bees are transported around the country from orchard to orchard in the spring (New York State, California, Oregon etc) and in the summer to the Mid West states.