Comets and the Sun

13 Jan 2016

Comet Holmes was a bit of a damp squib in 2014. It was an eagerly awaited visit to the inner solar system as in 2007 it had been a bright and dazzling object visible from Earth without the need of binoculars. Subsequently, a lot of people got interested in Holmes - was there going to be a repeat show. It seems the solar wind didn't provide the fireworks to make the coma glow so radiantly. See

Meanwhile, Rens has been delving into the past and has come up with some choice comments by scientists speculating about electro magnetism in space. At ... apparently Kepler thought in terms of a magnetic Sun. Even in the 19th century the idea of an electric Sun was suggested. William Herschel thought the Sun might be a permanently excited body ...

... and at ... we have Reichenbach and the idea of OD-balls (from the god Odin) affecting all sorts of phenomena including aurorae - manifestations of od-lights. Fascinating reading.