Cosmic Microwave Background - what is going on?

22 Dec 2010

A post at December 20th has the title, 'Epic Discovery Update: We are One of Many Universes', a story taken from a paper available at arXiv:1012.1995v1 on The Physics arXiv Blog, which purports to show four circular patterns in the cosmic microwave background. The authors suggest they are 'bruises' that occurred when our universe was expanding and bumped up against four other universes. Indeed, it is the multiverse concept that is being promoted here, the idea of multiple Big Bangs. However, for a sceptical view of the paper see

At the next day, December 21st, there are a couple of posts on meteorites. A fragment of a meteorite that landed in the Sahara, part of a 4m wide asteroid that struck 15 million years ago, has been under the microscope - and it contains amino acids. The research is published in The Meteoritical Society's journal, Meteorites and Planetary Science (December).

The next piece says that ten per cent of rocks blasted from the surface of Mars end up crashing on the earth.