Electromagnetism news

Electric Comets

At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017/06/19/history-of-electric-comet-theory-an-... ... by Hannes Tager, is an enlightening piece of research as it lists a number of scientists that in the 17th and 18th centuries were theorising about electricity in the solar system and its bodies. These include William Gilbert (1544-1603), Otto von Guericke (1602-1686), Thomas Gray (who died in 1736) and Hugh Hamilton (1727-1805). The latter was a mathematician, natural philosopher, and at the same time a Church of Ireland Bishop of Ossory in Dublin.


William forwarded this back in October 2016 - a link to a book at www.mikamar.biz/book-info/tes-a.htm#Author ... which provides some history concerning Hannes Alfven, and his book, 'Cosmic Plasma' - published in 1981 but largely ignored by astrophysicists. However, the electric universe people have gone back to basics - resurrecting some of Alfven's ideas (and science).Hannes Alfven, and his book, 'Cosmic Plasma' - published in 1981 but largely ignored by astrophysicists.

Space Weather

It's the19th of May and we are told at www.spaceweather.com that Earth is the path of a plasma stream emanating from a coronal hole - striking the upper atmosphere today and tomorrow. Auroras are expected in high latitudes.


Robert Maglione has written a book, 'The Legendary Shamir' which should interest various members of SIS as the question of what was shamir has cropped up on several occasions over the last 30 years. It is 416 pages long and has 8 colour plates, 51 figures, and 9 tables. The author has investigated the possible sources of radioactivity used by Moses, and then by Joshua, during the wandering of the Hebrews in the desert, and has found it in the legendary Shamir, presumably some kind of stone but just the size of a barleycorn.

Magnetism and Plates

Further to the forum post by Robertus we actually now have a claim that the earth's magnetic field interacts with Plate Tectonics. The link was sent in by William - great thinking on his part. Go to www.yahoo.com/news/earth-magnetic-field-flip-giant-121100003.html


Electric Arc Welder

At https://malagabay.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/indian-impacts-hammerhead-geo... ... which is a great post by Louis Hissink, an unconventional geologist from Australia. He begins by quoting Fred Hoyle who said that one of the reasons scientific problems persist was because scientists involved tend to think with one or two ideas, which infers the possibility of getting at the truth was limited.


The Tokomark ST40 fusion reactor is being developed in Oxfordshire. It hopes to be able to compete with the Americans and the Chinese, generating electricity from plasma. Go to www.energyvoice.com/otherenergy/137847/uk-reactor-takes-frst-step-toward... ... and the claim is that it is being financed solely from private venture capital (with no government subsidies at all).

Birkeland Currents

Laurence also sent in the link https://watchers.news/2017/03/23/birkeland-currents-stronger-in-the-nort... ... which is another discovery by ESAs Swarm Mission. It has discovered a seasonal variation of Birkeland currents - strong electrical currents in the upper atmosphere (which is not the same in the north and south polar regions).


   At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2017/04/21/when-swarm-met-steve/ ... Swarm is a group of satellites designed to study the Sun, the solar wind, and so on. This includes looking at the aurora caused by the solar wind inter-acting with the Earth's magnetic shield. Steve is a name applied to a specific feature of the aurora - see the image above. Steve is a ribbon of purple light. It was almost unknown until the age of satellites, 20 years ago.

Ionosphere of Mars

At https://phys.org/print411059802.html ... it seems that NASAs MAVEN spacecraft has detected metal ions in the atmosphere of Mars - which shows that the ionosphere of Mars is electrically charged. MAVEN is exploring the atmosphere of Mars for clues as to why it is so thin (in comparison to the Earth and Venus). It is assumed it once had a more dense atmosphere - which has been lost.