Electromagnetism news

Mars magnetism

At http://phys.org/print397736203.html ... Mars has numerous pockets of magnetism locked up in its crust - but scientists assure us that Mars has no inner dynamo, the hypothetical source of magnetism on Earth. How does it get there? Even more mysterious is the claim that these scattered pockets of magnetism actually influence the atmosphere of Mars. How do they do that?


At www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2016/11/mysterious-pinging-sound-detected-... ... wildlife has disappeared - such as bowhead whales, bearded and ringed seals etc. Instead, a strange noise has been heard coming from the sea floor. What is going on?

Mount St Helens

   At www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2016/11/mount-st-helens-is-getting-weirder... ... geologists have been trying to understand how Mount St Helens works. It is a volcano of the Cascade Arc and one of a string of eruptive volcanoes that run parallel to the hypothetical subduction zone between tow major plates between British Columbia and California.

spinach is useful

At http://phys.org/print393744113.html ... researchers have used spinach in a novel way in order to take advantage of its interplay with sunlight to produce electricity. The findings are written up in Nature Communications (Sept 2016) and the idea is to take advantage of the way plants photosynthesise. They used the membrane of a spinach leaf (nice fat leaves) to create a photo electro chemical cell that can produce electricity and hydrogen from water and sunlight. The raw material of the device is water - its product is an electric current, hydrogen and oxygen.

colliding worlds

Wal Thornhill mentioned colliding words in the video played at the September 2016 speaker meeting, emphasizing that Velikovsky didn't say worlds collided (in spite of the title of his book) but that two large cosmic bodies would be repelled before they could actually collide, as a result of electromagnetic effects. At http://astronomy.com/news/2016/09/the-moon-may-be-obliterated-pieces-of-... ... we are told the moon may have been made from pieces of the earth that had reformed following a collision with another planet sized body.

September 1941

   At https://eos.org/features/the-geomagnetic-blitz-of-september-1941 ... there is an image (see above) of aurora over Iowa way back in 1941. The geomagnetic storm built up over the course of a week and illuminated the night sky leaving Allied shipping open to German submarine attack but also affected modern communications systems in Europe and the US, with telephone calls interrupting radio programmes for example.

ringing like a bell

At www.spaceweather.com (Sept 15th 2016) ... there is an upcoming harvest moon this weekend which will be accompanied by a shadow on the moon, the result of a 'pencumbral lunar eclipse' - and we actually have a computer animation of the area affected (go to http://shadowandsubstance.com)

magnetic motion

At http://phys.org/print392883815.html ... stalagmites from a cave in Indiana may contain traces of evidence of prehistoric earthquakes. The caves are in the Wabash Valley and on a fault system (published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, September 2016). They also record episodes of glacial flooding of the Wabash Valley (note ... the location is in southern Indiana, well away from the Ice Age ice sheets).

The standard model of the sun

Excellent youtube video available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlpFaLgAbps&feature=youtu.be ... by Bishop Nicholas Sykes, a member of SIS (for many years). It concerns the standard model of the Sun and why it does not conform with observational data. Basically, what he is saying is the idea the Sun has a nuclear core that creates the heat to power the star is contradicted by the heat at the surface of the Sun etc. This is standard Electric Universe fare but with a difference.

Don Patten and EU

William Thompson has prepared a list of electric universe concepts in the works of Donald Patten. These include references to flaming arrows, thunderbolts, celestial arrows, celestial blasts, celestial electricity, celestial flux tubes, celestial lightning, charged particles, deadly darts etc (as well as concepts such as sky bows and the silver bowstring of Apollo). Go to EU_Concepts_in_Patten_1988_CAOT.docx

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