Electromagnetism news

Blue aurora

At http://spaceweather.com ... on March 3rd, had a piece on aurora, sparked by a prominent earth facing sun spot. Aurora are usually green, and sometimes red. These are the colours produced by oxygen when it is excited by electrons raining down from space. On February 22nd, a viewer in Norway, Micha Boumi, witnessed a blue aurora. 'All of a sudden the sky exploded and the sky looked like a great flame' he said. Blue is a sign of nitrogen - energetic particles striking ionised molecules of nitrogen at high altitude produces a cold azure glow.


At www.spaceweather.com for March 3rd (2014) there is some nice information on the recent aurora that could be seen as far south as the Channel Islands. The Greeks are interested into why at first the lights are somewhat placid and widely spread across thousands of miles of sky. The, for unknown reasons, the aurora will break up into highly structured and rapidly changing arcs, swirls, curls, pillars, even what look like flames of fire, with  changes occurring as quickly as a fraction of a second.

Earth Lights


Excellent piece on Earth Light at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2014/02/28/earth-lights/ ... which is largely about research by Dr Friedemann Freund, who wrote an article, 'Rocks that Crackle and Sparkle and Glow: strange pre-earthquake phenomena' for the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

Donald Scott

William Thompson advises ... Donald Scott, author of 'The Electric Sky', and heavily criticised by Tom Bridgman, has a Bachelor's and Masters degrees in electrical engineering (from the University of Connecticut) and went on to work for General Electric. Later, he earned a doctorate in electrical engineering and became a member of faculty at the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts, and remained there until his retirement in 1998.

What are the problems that might dog the Electric Universe model?

We've all read the posts at www.thunderbolts.info and watched the various videos - but is it all so clear cut. Surely some of us have a queasy feeling in the hollow of the stomach - a gut feeling that it might involve some nice window dressing. Well, a former member of SIS and a regular on the Thunderbolts Forum has some interesting things to say on his blog at http://hozturner.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/critical-issues-for-electric-uni...

Back to the 775AD event ... the Chinese broadside

At Nature Science Reports 4:3728 (DOI:10.1038/srep03728) - download the four page article at http://cosmictusk.com/8th-century-event-flares-now-comets/ ... Yi Liu et al 'Mysterious abrupt C14 increase in coral contributed by a comet' - the work has the support of the National Science Foundation of China and concerns geochemistry as well as asteroids and comets. Received by Nature on the 6th of November 2013 and published 16th January 2014 - queries to weidongsun [at] gig [dot] ac [dot] cn

More on the atmosphere of Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets.

At www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2014/01/exo-planet-atmospheres-can-form-pr... ... the atmospheres around exoplanets and brown dwarfs form exotic clouds according to researchers at the University of St Andrews. Instead of water droplets they are made up of dust particles made of minerals that could give rise to the precursors of life - Panspermia in other words.

Electric Universe Conference 2014

The EU Conference at Alburquerque, New Mexico, will feature for the first time physicist Dr Michael Brill (who is also into geology). Geological structures will be the focus of his talk - and in particular, the Ninety East Ridge in the Indian Ocean.

The 'bucky balls' chap will also be a feature of a play - yes, a play. David Novak, actor, will play the role of Dr Buckminster Fuller (which should be good fun). For more information on the other speakers and conference facilites etc go to www.thunderbolts.info

Alfred de Grazia

Alfred de Grazia has been made a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur - a few days after his 94th birthday. The Legion of Honour is a French order established by Napoleon in 1802. It is the highest decoration in France and is divided into five degrees. Chevalier = knight. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_of_Honor


Clouds and the Interplanetary Electric Field (IEF)

This is worth reading. Recommended. Go to http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/12/26/new-paper-clouds-blown-by-the-sola... ... which claims there is a terrestrial impact on cloud cover due to the interplanetary electric field (or the global electric circuit) which comes complete with a video to watch and listen.