Electromagnetism news


The image below comes from www.spaceweather.com an excellent web site currently also doing noctilucent clouds with some nice images too.

Different interpretations

I was struck by how different people interpret the same image after reading the latest offering from www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2016/04/04/divine-colors/ ... Michael Armstrong sees the gods of old as planetary in origin. Others might see them differently. When it comes to colours such as blue and black he thinks in terms of Saturn expelling dust as dark as soot. He then informs his readers that Kala was one of the names applied to Saturn - a planet. Rather than black Kala was actually dark blue in hue, he tells us. The same colour was associated with Shiva.

lightning research

At http://phys.org/print375969776.html ... the subject title is, 'what causes lightning?' - and it begins by saying it is well known that lightning is an electric current, a powerful burst of charge that flows within clouds and between a cloud and the ground. However, scientists don't fully understand how the initial spark forms - and still don't. What the researchers found is that lightning sparks not upwards (neccessarily) but downwards. How the clouds get the energy to spark such a powerful burst of electricity remains elusive.

magnetic eyes

Yes, you read that right - magnetic eyes. At http://phys.org/print375443736.html ... dogs and primates can sense the earth's magnetic field - with the help of their eyes. In animals cryptochromes controlo the body's circadian rhythms - and the same is true of bacteria and other living things. The magnetic field is used by many animals to orientate and navigate - especially among birds (pigeons spring to mind). A magnetic sense has been found in some insects, fish, reptiles, birds and various other animals but apparently this ability is absent from humans, we are told.

broken spoke

Has a spike being put in the spoke of the gravitational wave announcement? At http://phys.org/print375096388.html ... It seems NASAs Fermi telescope detected a Gamma Ray Burst coming from the same point as the Gravitational Wave. The idea is being played down by mainstream as the black hole merger is supposed to have swept the area around the bigger hole clean and therefore nothing would have existed, such as an exploding star, to cause a Gamma Ray Burst.

Fred Jueneman

Fred Jueneman was a member of SIS for many years. He died in 2014. There is a nice piece featuring him at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2016/02/15/the-sands-of-mars/ .... which many of you may find interesting. He contributed some important points as the Electric Universe theory developed - highlighting some of the catastrophic events that occurred on Mars. Hat tip William Thompson.



thermosphere gusting

William Thompson forwarded this link - http://eos.org/research-spotlights/scientists-detect-wisps-of-wind-in-space ... on a paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics (January 2016). It is about the way the aurora seems to distort weather at thermospheric altitudes at latitudes (polar and near polar). Aurorae stir up storms at an altitude of 250km - but where does the wind blow? The thermosphere is on the edge of space. It begins at 85km altitude and extends to 1000km high.

zodiacal lights

Rens van der Sluijs continues his posts on people in the past that have mentioned electricity in space - see www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2016/01/11/current-models-of-the-sun-a-charged-... ... followed by part 3 and 4

Comets and the Sun

Comet Holmes was a bit of a damp squib in 2014. It was an eagerly awaited visit to the inner solar system as in 2007 it had been a bright and dazzling object visible from Earth without the need of binoculars. Subsequently, a lot of people got interested in Holmes - was there going to be a repeat show. It seems the solar wind didn't provide the fireworks to make the coma glow so radiantly. See http://phys.org/print371719108.html