Electromagnetism news

proton arc aurora

  at www.spaceweather.com (August 19th 2015) a rare form of aurora emanating from a class G3 geomagnetic storm erupted on Augsut 15th when a CME hit Earth's magnetic field. Two nights later, on the 17th, just as the storm was subsiding, skywatchers in N America witnessed a 'proton arc' (the image above was photographed at Banff, and you might recognise the lake in the forefront, by one Paul Zikla).

Wal on gravity

Brilliant new video with Wal Thornhill describing a long journey of 40 years in his attempt to understand gravity in an electrical universe -go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkWiBxWieQU

sprites on steroids

At http://spaceweather.com/ (August 14th, 2015) ... sprites on steroids were seen above hurricane Hilda, gigantic lets of lightning leaping into space. Go to the site where there is a video - it is quite short but was made privately and although it is up at Space Weather that is at the discretion of the video maker. You will enjoy watching it.

lightning in rocks (2)

At www.livescience.com/51789-lightning-warps-rocks-atoms.html ... the researchers that found lightning was capable of altering rocks went to great trouble, slicing a sample to produce a sliver to view under the microscope. The rock, from southern France, looked like it had a wet dark algae that had formed in a crevice of a jagged feature in granite

Lightning and rocks

  At http://phys.org/print358014293.html ... an article in the journal American Mineralogist illustrates how powerful lightning bolts can affect rocks, melting the surface resulting in a black gloss and actually deforming a thin layer of of quartz crystals beneath the surface, creating what is known as shock lamellae. Prior to this discovery such rocks wee attributed solely to meteoric impacts.

plasma in harmony

   At http://phys.org/print356081070.html ... the ESA Cluster satellites (a group of four satellites closely orbiting on a near trajectory, have observed noise waves inside the Earth's magnetosphere. In a region of space about 12,000 mile upwards the four satellites have seen a stack of 13 space plasma stripes ... see image above.

polygonal cratering

At New Concepts in Global Tectonics journal, 3:2 June issue of 2015 (www.ncgt.org), there is an interesting paper, some 26 pages in length (lots of illustrations) that claims cratering on earth is not as simple as mainstream would have believe (and the same goes for other cosmic bodies such as Mars and the Moon). Cratering is erroneously lumped together as entirely due to meteoroid and asteroid impacts.

Cosmic Lightning

I'm not referring to space lightning - or electrical phenomena in far away galaxies, but the normal earth system kind of lightning, of the everyday everywhere thunderstorm. According to a new model of its behaviour lightning has a cosmic trigger - go to http://phys.org/print354951242.html ...

exploding sprites

At www.newscientist.com/article/dn27803-slomo-reveals-how-enigmatic-sprites... ... is one of those stories that has popped up at a lot of web sites and blogs - even at WattsUpWithThat. At the link above (and elsewhere) there is a video of a sprite above a thunderstorm, and how the lightning phenomenon appears and then just as quickly disappears. Gary Gilligan has forwarded his view that sprites appear in mythology as flowers.

Don Scott

SIS member Adam Stuart has been keeping some of us up to mode on the current Thunderbolts conference in the US. He has forwarded links to www.ptep-online.com/index_files/2015/PP-41-13.PDF and https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fVsON1c3OUY

The first is to an article by Don Scott which has been published in the journal Progress in Physics. The video is a recording of aurora over northern Scotland which I've passed on to various people as it is pretty dramatic. See what you think.