Electromagnetism news

the colours of light

I like, now and again, to have a delve around Malaga Bay, sticking a finger in to find a plum to extract. At https://malagabay.wordpress.com/2015/06/17/deprecating-photomagnetism/ ... which is all about the mainstream dismissal of the idea that sunlight has the ability to magnetise objects on the surface of the earth, and its remarkable resuscitation in 2011, an experiment that promises to make technology cheaper to produce and therefore more readily available to human beings.

Thunderbolts Conference

At www.thunderbolts.info ... Wal Thornhill has been talking about the Rosetta mission to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. There is also an analysis of cometary electro-chemistry by Franklin Anariba.

The conference is available for people unable to attend but have internet access - go to site for details.

plasma in 3D

At www.couriermail.com.au/technology/science/aussie-student-proves-existenc... ...

  Cleo Loi, a student at the University of Sydney, has found that by using telescopes in a certain way she could see plasma structures way up high in the atmosphere. The above image is an artist's impression.

drought breaks and sprites prosper

The drought in some parts of Texas and the southern Plains has dramatically come to an end with huge thunderstorms and lashing rain last weekend (May 23rd) - see www.spaceweather.com for May 28th. Lightning bolts were prominent - and sprites. These could be seen shooting up from the top of thunder clouds - but they are a space weather phenomenon. They develop at around 80km altitude and grow in both directions, downwards and upwards, as electric forces shoot to the top of the atmosphere.



windy, windy

A paper by Nils-Axel Morner in Energy and Environment, volume 22 No 3 (2011), 'Arctic Environment by the Middle of this century' (being the 21st century in question) which goes on to claim, contrary to the global warming hypothesis, that we are entering a cooler weather episode in the northern hemisphere. Morner is a CAGW hate figure - and very long in the teeth, so a certain amount of scepticism is desired as he appears to enjoy rocking the boat of settled science.

Dr Mills

Tony, our secretary, has forwarded this link to the continuing research and development of alternative power. It is a video of a 30 minute lecture by Dr Mills on behalf of Blacklight Power. The aim is to produce energy at low cost without pollution or a waste byproduct and in time it will, it is claimed, make all other forms of energy generation obsolete. This is very similar to what was being said at the cusp of nuclear power stations - but lessons have been learned (we hope). Go to www.blacklightpower.com/whats-new/

Kelvin-Helmholz waves

A fascinating bit of research at http://phys.org/print350566147.html ... Kelvin-Helmholz waves in the atmosphere form when high speed wind blows over more stagnant air masses. The waves create turbulence and mix the air masses. They also frequently occur in Earth's magnetosphere and allow particles from the solar wind (the high speed element) to enter the magnetosphere to produce oscillations that affect Earth's protective radiation belts.

plasma shield

The power point presentation of Bob Johnson's talk at the AGM has provoked a couple of responses. One of them is a link to www.sciencealert.com/boeing-has-patented-a-plasma-force-field-to-protect... ... in order to protect army vehicles and the like rather than satellites in the sky. The heat creates a plasma shield denser than the surrounding air which is able to deflect or absorb energy from an incoming shock wave. Ian Tresman provided a further link, per magnetic fields and plasma - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_mirror#Magnetic_bottles

Bob going viral

Bob Johnson's power point presentation is now on Anthony Watts blog - see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/04/30/how-plasma-connects-the-sun-to-the... ... but if you want to know what other people think about the Electric Universe idea read the comments. I trawled through all of them and some good points were made. Leif Svalgaard, solar physicist and often visitor to Anthony's place, is not a fan of the EU. It became clear that he had probably not watched Bob's presentation as he would have noticed Bob actually quoted from one of his own articles.