Electromagnetism news

Dr Mills

Tony, our secretary, has forwarded this link to the continuing research and development of alternative power. It is a video of a 30 minute lecture by Dr Mills on behalf of Blacklight Power. The aim is to produce energy at low cost without pollution or a waste byproduct and in time it will, it is claimed, make all other forms of energy generation obsolete. This is very similar to what was being said at the cusp of nuclear power stations - but lessons have been learned (we hope). Go to www.blacklightpower.com/whats-new/

Kelvin-Helmholz waves

A fascinating bit of research at http://phys.org/print350566147.html ... Kelvin-Helmholz waves in the atmosphere form when high speed wind blows over more stagnant air masses. The waves create turbulence and mix the air masses. They also frequently occur in Earth's magnetosphere and allow particles from the solar wind (the high speed element) to enter the magnetosphere to produce oscillations that affect Earth's protective radiation belts.

plasma shield

The power point presentation of Bob Johnson's talk at the AGM has provoked a couple of responses. One of them is a link to www.sciencealert.com/boeing-has-patented-a-plasma-force-field-to-protect... ... in order to protect army vehicles and the like rather than satellites in the sky. The heat creates a plasma shield denser than the surrounding air which is able to deflect or absorb energy from an incoming shock wave. Ian Tresman provided a further link, per magnetic fields and plasma - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_mirror#Magnetic_bottles

Bob going viral

Bob Johnson's power point presentation is now on Anthony Watts blog - see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/04/30/how-plasma-connects-the-sun-to-the... ... but if you want to know what other people think about the Electric Universe idea read the comments. I trawled through all of them and some good points were made. Leif Svalgaard, solar physicist and often visitor to Anthony's place, is not a fan of the EU. It became clear that he had probably not watched Bob's presentation as he would have noticed Bob actually quoted from one of his own articles.

Jet Stream

For those unable to attend our AGM and Spring meeting they missed a real treat. Both talks were excellent and videos of them will be uploaded in due course (after a bit of work by Chris Phillips). However, the transcript of Bob Johnson's talk is already there (go to meetings page) and has the title 'The variability of the Sun and the effects on Earth' so you can settle down later in a comfy armchair with a print-out or simply scan the piece from your computer chair.

Carver Mead

At https://malagabay.wordpress.com/2015/02/18/carver-mead-coherent-science/ ... in this post Tim Cullen is something in awe of a scientist. Carver Mead is something special though as he has an impressive array of discoveries attributed to him, being a key pioneer of micro-electronics, developing tools and techniques for integrated circuit design and semi conducter advances. He went on to train generations of engineers, including the original founder of Sun Microsystems etc.

solar activity, earthquakes

At www.ncgt.org/newsletter.php ... click on the March 2015 issue and scroll down to page 98, near the bottom. Mikhal Kovalyov and S Kovalyov published a paper that can be accessed at arXiv:1403:5728v2 10th February 2015 and claims cosmic rays play a prominent role in seismic activity on the Earth, correlating rather better than solar activity. However, cosmic rays also influence solar activity - which is currently a heretical position to adopt.

30 year cooling

At www.ncgt.org/newsletter.php ... click on the March issue at the top and scroll down to page 98. RT Cahill of Flinders University in Adelaide published the original story in Progress in Physics 10: issue 4 (Oct 2014, page 236-242) and it was reproduced, in part, at the NCGT Journal. It claims space speed fluctuations cause solar flares. The direction and magnitude of the space flow has been detected from numerous different experimental techniques and is close to the normal to the plane of the ecliptic.

Southern Lights

  at http://phys.org/print347186673.html ... a nice image of the Southern Lights - aurorae near the South Pole. These have recently been visible from Australia but are apparently a rare occurrence as far north as Brisbane - more usually restricted to Tasmania.