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An Electric Universe query - can anyone help?

Todd has emailed the SIS contacts link with an Electric Universe query. People who might wish to get in reciprocal contact with him can do so via SIS - we have his email address. He claims that nearly two weeks ago Mars was smacked by a large solar flare and he says this was responsible for red skies on the Earth. First question to be asked by us - what connection is there between red skies on earth and the planet Mars. Something or nothing?

Hotting Up ... solar system dynamics

At http://research.aerology.com/natural-processes/solar-system-dynamics/ ... the effects on climate are expanded to include the solar system and the universe which are linked in what is called a common bowl of gravitational and magnetically connected and driven mass of ions and regular atoms. Mutual static repulsion keeps the stars separated just as mutual static epulsion keeps the neutralised moisture in a cloud from condensing. As the background cumulative charge gradient increases it reduces droplet size and polarises them.

Electric Universe Conference 2012

The Thunderbolts World Conference on the Electric Universe: 2012 - you can now keep up to date at a web page devoted to what is on offer - go to www.thunderbolts.info/eu2012/ 

Did a comet cause the New Madrid earthquake in 1811?

Tony Hood is the author of a book, 'Kalopin's Legacy, 1811: A comet and a Quake' which is an interesting theory connecting the devastating 1811 New Madrid earthquake in North America with the passage of a comet that loomed very large in the night sky, a comet that was visible for 260 days and at one point appeared to be one and a half times the size of the Sun. This means that it was a comet that came relatively close to the Earth - closer than the average cosmic intruder. See www.wix.com/koolkreations/kalopins-legacy/ for documents and links to the book and the story.

Gravitational Waves

For the story in brief go to www.physorg.com/print236854397.html (however, www.dailygalaxy.com October 5th also has the story in lighter format). The research was done at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University and was published by Nature. It involves the detection of gravitational waves by the electromagnetic light signal - or a brief flare. 

Are you ready for Las Vegas - in January 2012

On January 6-8th the Thunderbolts team are going to put on another conference on the Electirc Universe - in Las Vegas. Combine a holiday in the US with a weekend of serious business as they claim they are assembling a best yet collection of speakers.

A nice kind of aurorae ... and the case of the missing planet

At http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap110923.html an image of sea green aurorae - one click away. Have a look. It was taken near Yellowknife in northern Canada.


At http://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/APR05/Event/29058 there is a short abstract by CJ Ransom and Wal Thornhill that claimed z-pinch simulations in the laboratory actually produced spherules (in an experiment). The idea was to reproduce a plasma discharge in order to create spherules, which duly happened, that were nearly identical in appearance to those found on Mars, the so called blueberries (Bulletin of the American Physical Society, the 2005 APS Spring Meeting).

Some Thunder Bolts

There are some interesting posts over at Thunderbolts. For example, www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2011/arch11/110819.flood.html is about water on Mars - was the erosion caused by water or some other process? At www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2011/arch11/110818.doubt.html is about the doubt expressed by some mainstream scientists in the existence or otherwise of dark matter - is it real, or not?