13 Jul 2018

Robert sent in the link www.centauri-dreams.org/2018/07/10/listening-in-on-enceladus/ ... (but see also https://phys.org/print450428555.html ) ... new research from NASAs Cassini spacecraft's final orbits show a powerful and dynamic interaction of plasma waves moving from Saturn to its moon Enceladus. The waves are said to move onmagnetic field lines connecting Saturn directly to Enceladus - an electrical circuit between to cosmic bodiews, as the energy flows back and forth.

Researchers converted the recording of plasma waves into an audio file that we can hear - in the same way a radion translates electromagnetic waves into music. Cassini, it might be said, detected electromagnetic waves in the audio frequency range. We may note Enceladus is within Saturn's magentic field (unlike our Moon which is just out of reach of Earth's magnetic field). Enceladus also emits plumes of water vapour that become ionised and fill the environment around Saturn. Similar interactions take place between Saturn and its rings as they are also dynamic and within Saturn's magnetic field.