Eta Carinae

9 Aug 2018

Sent in by William - bizarre rogue planet discovered wandering in our galaxy - see ... a rogue planet without a star roaming the Milky Way just 20 light years away. A study published in the Astrophysical Journal claims it has an incredibly powerful magnetic field 4 million times more powerful than the magnetic field of the Earth. Further, it is able to generate powerful auroras - without the necessity of a sun to send forth plasma plumes.

At ... astronomers taken aback by stellar burst from Eta Carinae. In the 1800s the star became the second most brilliant star in the night sky - suggesting an outburst event that expelled a lot of material and forming a bright glowing gas cloud. It has since faded in brightness, we are assured, yet is still one of the brightest stars in our galaxy. A supernova that was not - as the star still shines.

The same story is updated at ... as the star that refused to die. Eta Carinae confounds astronomers as it was supposed to have been subject to a supernova explosion - and oblivion (but the star lives on).

At ... meteors strike the Moon, and at ... blue crystals in meteorites known as hibonite - containing helium and neon (the building blocks of the Sun).