Fantasies Pricked

24 Mar 2019

At ... researchers at the University of Nottingham have found a higher percentage of natural fibres in freshwater habitats and in the atmosphere (in the air we breathe) than microplastic fibres - in the UK. By natural they mean wool and cotton rather than polyester or nylon.

At ... this is a review of a book by Susan Crockford, a zoologist and polar bear specialist. The title, 'The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened' (2019) is sure to get the doomsters tongues in a muddle. Global warming was supposed to melt the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean and cause the polar bears to suffer - and fall into decline. Instead, they are thriving. Why not - there was a lot less summer sea ice in the Arctic during early to mid Holocene - and polar bears probably thrived at that time as well. In fact, there was a fall in sea ice during the 1930s that was equally as drastic as the 2000s, if not more so. You only have to read HH Lamb - the UK's first climate scientist.