Geology news

Volcanoes, Meteorites

At ... ancient meteorite impact sparked long lived volcanic eruptions on Earth is the claim. Not only can meteorites create craters but they can spark volcanic activity as well, according to a team of geochemists from Trinity College in Dublin. They dated rocks at the impact site, Sudbury in Ontario, some 1.85 billion years ago (way back in the uniformitarian past), when a massive bolide excavated a deep basin which was subsequently filled with melted rocks. On top of the impact evidence, they encountered a jumble of rocks with volcanic fragments.

Earth Sank Twice

This is the headline at ... the earth sank twice flooding eastern Amazonia - according to a team that found a shark tooth in the NW part of the Amazon basin, deep inland. They are suggesting its presence, and that of other marine organisms, show that when the Andes rose in an uplift event, eastern Amazonia sank - on two separate occasions. Further, each event lasted for around a million years (according to uniformitarian geochronology). Water from the Caribbean flooded the region from Venezuela to NW Brazil.

Dover Straits Waterfall

At ... we have a regurgitation of an old story that has been updated by some new thinking by geologists from Imperial College. This concerns the breaking up of the chalk downs that connected Kent to Calais, 450,000 years ago. It emerges this figure may actually be completely guesswork as at the end of the story we are told the researchers want to drill into the bottom of Dover Strait and analyse the age of the sediment on the sea floor. We now there is still a chalk ridge in existence as the Channel Tunnel made use of it.

Aussie Dino Tracks

At ... tracks of at least 21 different dinosaurs have been found on a stretch of remote coastline in western Australia ...

Claude Blot

Claude Blot's ideas often appear at the New Concepts in Global Tectonics web site and online journals - see He pops up at ... which provides some history on this French geophysicist. In the 1960s he said that earthquakes transferred energy upwards from deep inside the planet (and were not produced near the surface as in Plate Tectonics theory).

Comets or Volcanoes

Robert sent in the links - ... and ... which was featured in a post a while back. However, as Peter disagrees with the idea of water with an origin inside the earth it is worth repeating the subject matter - and no doubt many others are baffled by the idea.


Look at the links from the earlier post on Fossils (yesterday). At ... we find the ancient fish fossil found in southern China probably came from the back end of the Silurian period (which preceded the Devonian which is well known for the number of jawed fishes found in fossil beds). The Silurian period is not overly endowed with fish fossils but the Chinese is the second one in recent finds. However, there were fragmentary pieces of what looks like fish in the Silurian, most notably at the end of Silurian extinction event.

Earth's Old Crust

At ... getting to the crust of the early earth is not easy as it has been overlain with a raft of later layers leaving it deep and difficult to access. Geologists from Carnegie and the University of Ottawa decided the Canadian Shield was the place to go as it was wiped clean during the Ice Age. They purportedly found crust that was 4 billion years of age along the eastern shore of Hudson Bay. 


Robert sent in the link, ... where we have more new fossil discoveries that appear to be counter to uniformitarianism. The first batch of fossils come from China, sponges that date shortly after the Ordovician Extinction event (already reviewed on the News) and an early fish which was also discovered in China and apparently dates from before the Devonian. He claims the Devonian is the Age of the Fishes and therefore to find an example before that is anomalous. It may be but it also may not as it simply shifts fish evolution backwards.

Rogue Waves

At ... a study finds that rogue waves are not as rare as thought. One of the steepest yet recorded passed by the North Sea Ekofisk oil rig in late 2007, a wall of water moving at 40mph ...

   ... rogue waves can occur twice daily at any given location during a storm.