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dinosaur tracks on a vertical face

Here we have evidence of tectonic forces difficult to imagine, dinosaur tracks, 462 trails of over 5000 prints, found on a verticle slab of limestone in Bolivia. The link was sent in by Robert Farrar - go to

expanding Hokkaido

The Eric Aitchison email thread on chronology was sent a link to ... by Johnny Godowski, who likes all things unusual, and concerns the strange appearance of newly formed land along the Shiretoko Peninsular on the SE coastline of Hokkaido Island (Japan). It measures 500m by 30m and is up to 15m in elevation - and may still be growing. Marine organisms such as sea weed and sea urchins are attached to rock on the piece of land which indicates it has risen out of the ocean floor. How can that be?


At ... we learn that the recent earthquake in Nepal which badly affected Katmandu that seismological data (using sound waves which travel through the Earth following an earthquake) suggests the land on which the city stands moved ten feet in a southwards direction. The rocks on top of the fault are thought to have slid southwards over the rocks underneath. The movement was therefore what is known as a slippage event - at a plate boundary. Or an assumed plate boundary.

Lake Titicaca

At ... click on the issue, March 2011 (and have another look at that date, 2011 - not 2015) and scroll down to page 44 - 'The Lake Titicaca Enigma' by Peter M James (again). He is a busy bee it seems. In this offering, from 4 years ago, he has a look at the geomorphology of Lake Titicaca, situated high above sea level in the Andes Cordillera (high plains country). It has saline water and sports oceanic fauna - so it was once connected to the sea (probably as a lagoon). The question is, how did it move from sea level - upwards.

sink holes, Dead Sea

This is a classic piece of geology as sink holes can pop up anywhere and usually have a reason, quite often due to human action - the law of unintended consequences. At there are a collection of images - see the one below

Peter M James, polar migration

Not Peter James of SIS fame but Peter M James, a geologist from Tasmania, author of 'Extinctions: the Pattern of Global Cataclysm' - and he has an article in the current issue of the NCGT Journal - go to and click on the March issue and then scroll down to page 71-86 for a delightful explanation of a variety of odd phenomena.

plastic in sedimentary rocks

Somebody told me about this, as she had been to a geological meeting with her son where they were showing off a sample of plastic in rock. I later put it into my search engine and up popped a number of stories from last year that I had failed to appreciate or the implications involved. I'm still not sure as sedimentary rocks are usually assigned long periods of time in order to accumulate - and we are talking about what sounds like instantaneous accretion (or so it would seem).

a Milankovitch glitch

This story was also in the latest issue of the journal Geology and is interesting as it raises questions about the Milankovitch theory of climate associated with the Ice Ages - see ... which supposes the expansion and contraction of a northern ice sheet is influenced by cyclic fluctuations in solar radiation, inter-acting due to wobbles in the Earth's orbit that restricted sunlight in one hemisphere while the opposite hemisphere brightened.

At last, at last, at last ...

At ... we have 'did a volcanic cataclysm 40,000 years ago, trigger the final demise of the Neanderthals?' - which is a paper just published in the journal Geology, already mentioned I think, in a preview edition, some weeks past, but now in its final format. At last they are mentioning a catastrophic event around 40,000 years ago after years of ignoring it.

a video of the cracking up of the Earth

If you saw the video of the expanding earth scenario some months ago at this space and then you might be interested in the rival, the same thing but with a constant Earth size and a busting apart at the seams as the tectonic plates push pieces of continent around - or roughly as it is thought to have happened. Treat it as a comparison with the expanding earth video - go to

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