German Stonehenge Link

1 Jul 2018

At ... which concerns an article published in Antiquity journal (the archaeological journal that is a mirror on the world beyond the shores of Britain). The impetus for this new  thinking seems to be the genetic discovery of folk movements across Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe - which may have introduced new ideas into Britain from the continent (including the idea of henges, a circle composed of a ditch with bank). These appear in Britain after 3000BC - but do they occur on the continent before that date? What has emerged is a German 'woodhenge' monument erected around 2300BC (about the same time as the stone circle). The Stonehenge henge (or earthwork) goes back to around 3200BC. This is the Pommmelte sanctuary -  earth banks, ditches, and circles of wooden posts. It was discovered by aerial photography SW of Berlin in 1991 and consists of seven concentric rings of ditches and raised banks. In that respect it resembles British examples - and we even have a 'woodhenge' monument near Stonehenge (and Durrington Walls). Did the idea come from the continent or the other way round - or was it derived from not just a common idea but a common phenomenon (perhaps witnessed in the sky). This is an interesting idea as all sorts of things were going on around the world in the second half of the third millennium BC (including the erection of the pyramids).