Having fun with geologists

22 Jul 2013

This is a bit of a slapstick posting by Tim Cullen at http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/etch-a-sketch-ice-sheets/ ... but sometimes funny haha can be close to the knuckle. He looks disparagingly at standard geology and various things geological such as the Ice Ages, interglacials, morainnes and drumlins - and periglacial lakes (formed by ice dams during the retreat of melting glaciers). Is it  all its is cracked up to be - or a bit of a craich? Have the facts been manipulated to fit the uniformitarian model, a sort of mumbo jumbo rearrangement of reality - or is the story essentially on the right track and is this all wishful thinking. Tim Cullen clearly is not impressed by the Ice Ages and its related spin-off tales and stories - simply filler, like that sticky white stuff, to bind together the uniformitarian geochronological timescales, wasting time and eons (and etching the sketch of deep time).