12 Dec 2010

At ... Kevin Trenberth, IPCC lead author and matey boy with Phil Jones of UEA notoriety, has rushed to defend a peculiar study that contradicts not just a lot of earlier research but the fact that market gardeners pump C02 into growing houses in order to make their crops produce bumper yields. An Australian biologist claims otherwise - and John O Sullivan is on the case. As most biologists disagree with the study one is forced to wonder what a climate scientist such as Trenberth is up to. It seems a lone free-lance reporter has been peeking into the affair and the secret is out - the study was funded by the Finkel Foundation, which has an advisory board of doomsayers with deep pockets and an eye on the carbon market. The plot is still thickening but as always the mainstream media are nowhere in sight - but it will hit the headlines somewhere down the line.

At December 11th, 'Silicon in Life', EM Smith began by looking at silicon in plants and then discovered 'settled' climate science seems to have another problem. An article at and found that silicon is the predominant carbon fixer - but scientists know little about how it works. They openly admit they don't. It seems that research on diatoms and silicates has never really become part of the AGW debate - way above the heads of the computer geeks peddling climate science. They are especially important in oceans when diatoms, the largest contributors to biosilification, and carbon fixation, as they are responsible for some 45 per cent of what is going on in the so called carbon sink. Diatoms have existed since at least the Triassic but their ascendancy in the silicon cycle has only been observed in the Cenozoic - 65 million years ago to present.