6 Sep 2017

Lots of media buffs are getting really excited about Irma and the prospect of a catastrophic brush with Florida. It's down to CAGW - the oceans are getting warmer leading to more horrific hurricanes. This doom mongering comes on top of Harvey which drenched Houston and the Texas coast with extraordinary torrential rain fall. How to take advantage of weather events to drive an agenda - see ... and do read the comments (or browse them). See also ... and,-57.700,5 .. two videos of the advancing storm. You can also see the jet stream running across southern US. Will it deflect the hurricane?

See also ... one CME due to bounce in today and another really big one has erupted on the Sun - to hit the Earth in two days time.

After watching the videos also go to .. as he compares the next few years with the high hurricane activity between 1945 and 1951, which was at the beginning of the last 60 to 70 year solar cycle. One to ruminate.