journalists catching up

26 Apr 2016

The Daily Mail are reporting that co2 is greening the Earth (as claimed in a recent journal article) - or scientists used satellite data over 33 years to measure leaf cover. Why anyone should be surprised by this is a mystery. Farmers pump co2 into their plastic greenhouses for one reason - to fertilise the crops and obtain higher yields. Scepticss have been saying something like this for the last 30 years - but everyone in the alarmist camp have had their fingers in their ears (and their eyes firmly shut). You just have to scan through the comments - CAGW people still won't accept reality.

The same story and paper is analysed more thoroughly at

Meanwhile, at ... trees exchange nutrients through an underground network of mycorrhiza fungi that grows in woods and anywhere trees congregate. It has also been considered that trees compete with each other - for sunlight, space, water, and nutrients. However, trees also show evidence of co-operation (which came as a surprise).