Meteor Bombardment

30 Nov 2019

Gary sent in this link to ... earth's rocky surface is the result of meteor bombardment as a result of extraterrestrial impacts smashing into the surface of the earth. Billions of years ago is of course. That is where the goal posts are - for whatever reason. A new study has been looking for an explanation for the onset of Plate Tectonics. They came to the conclusion that a bombardment of meteors and other space debris could have kick started the process. Naturally, the research involved modelling simulations - and comparisons with lunar impact studies. They discovered that even after earth had accreted as a body 4.5 billion years ago, earth was still subject to constant bombardment episodes. On the ground, researchers utilised a layer of round particles (see image below) condensed from rock that had been vapourised during an impact event (they date to around 3.2 billion years ago) ...

   ... which is when it is thought Plate Tectonics came into play (at around 3 + billion years ago). It was then speculated, by the researchers, there was a direct connection between the bombardment and the beginnings of Plate Tectonics. It was subsequently then modelled in order to show it was possible.