Moon Rock

28 Jan 2019

William sent in the link to ... Earth's oldest known rock has been found - on the Moon. The story is also at ... a rock found on the Moon, it has been shown, may have originated on the Earth. We are talking about a very small rock sample - examined minutely by scientists. It is just 1.8 grammes. It has a minerology similar to granite but this is thought to be rare on the Moon - so it must have originated elsewhere (and the Earth is closest). The sample also contains quartz - another Earthbound rock (and presumably another marker to its point of origin).

For another view of Ultima Thule go to ....

   ... but lots to be clarified as data continues to arrive from New Horizons and continues to be sorted and analysed,

At Moon-made-life-possible-on-Earth/ ... planetary collisions that formed the Moon also made life possible on the Earth.