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28 May 2016


At ... the broken stalagmite pieces (see yesterday) were assembled into two oval rings 176,000 years ago, we are told. Together with them were pieces of burnt bone and evidence of fire - some kind of ritual activity perhaps.

Also, at the same web site, .... which is a problem created by some of the dating methods applied

See also and various others listed at You Tube

However, the latest news coming in is of a new set of cave paintings discovered 1000 feet underground (see

Some 70 drawings were found on ledge in the Atxurra cave in the Basque region. See also .... and they are said to date between 14,000 and 12,000 years ago and depict hunting scenes - such as a bison with 20 spears stuck in its neck area

Meanwhile, at ... we have a study on Neanderthal anatomy - and the robust nature of their skeletons.