6 Sep 2015

  At ... it has been found that European domesticated pigs have far more genetic links to the wild European boar population than previously thought. Previously, scientists have treated the domesticated pig as if it was an isolated genome - once domesticated it did not mix with wild pigs. Now, it has been discovered there has been continuous gene flow in order to modify, over and over again.

At ... we have another story about the genetic origin of dogs. We are now told that dogs did not just evolve from grey wolves , or even jackals, but another animal, now extinct, was also involved, a small wild dog.

However, meet Pentecopterus, a newly discovered predator - a giant scorpion

  the Iowa Geological Survey discovered the fossil in a meteorite crater - or rocks beneath the crater. . The site is fossil rich, as might be expected, and the river was temporarily dammed in order to dig them out. They were preserved in fine sediments when water invaded the meteor crater. In fract, it is claimed the area was a shallow sea environment, brackish but with little salinity present. Undisturbed oxygen poor bottom waters are said to be the explanation for the preservation of the fossils - which go back to the Ordovician era. See

Meanwhile, at ... and ... (The Iberian Zebor: What kind of beast was it?' - an ass, it would seem.