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Isaac, the consensus buster

For centuries, a consensus theory ruled the roost, as science (a generalisation) had known that a piece of glass could be made to produce a spectrum of colours when sunlight was poured through it. From Aristotle onwards it was considered that this took place because pure celestial light (or white light) was changed by contact with a terrestrial substance. At the age of 24, Isaac Newtone set about debunking this consensus chestnut (as they say).

Higgs Bosun - the Wittich view

At ... physicist Peter Wittich explained the Higgs Bosun and what it all means - and all about the Large Hadron Collider. Looks like science is doing some more PR work on the side.


Newton and Einstein were not mechanics ...

Obviously, one might say. You could hardly imagine them with a spanner in the hand and the bonnet open. No, this is more to do with mechanical thinking as opposed to creating mathematical explanations for the cosmos and how it is perceived to work. The idea of warping space and time is a mathematical trick according to the author at

Laugh or Cry, CFCs cause Global Warming

Ignoring the fact the weather is far from hot, global warming is still the chosen field for throwing money at - and one of the latest offerings is a study published in the International Journal of Modern Physics B (at the end of May, 2013) see It claims that Chloroflourocarbons are to blame for global warming in the 1970s to 1990s, an apparent about face. However, the intriguing point they claim as evidence is that a worldwide UN ban on the use of these CFCs has resulted in the cooling witnessed in the 2000s.

Why the Sky is Blue

An interesting post at ... which according to Wikipedia, and various others, the sky is blue because air scatters short wavelength light more than longer wavelenths. The human eye perceives the colour blue when looking at the sky rather than at the Sun ( ... which implies the Wikipedia editor has forgotten that Indigo and Violet have shorter wavelengths than blue light.

The Solar Dynamo theory

A paper in Nature by Tobias and Cettaneo is discussed at ... which claims researchers at Leeds and Chicago universities have discovered a mechanism behind the generation of magnetic fields such as that of the Sun. The solution is a solar dynamo. It also takes into account plasma - which is ionised gas. Steve Tobias is from the University of Leeds School of Mathematics.

NCGT Journal March 2013

David Pratt has his own web site but has published an article in the March 2013 NCGT journal and provides some interesting information you won't find in mainstream sources ... problems concerning the consensus model of Pole movement - see

Books to Read

The first one is recommended by a recent Thunderbolts newsflash, The Fourth Phase of Water: beyond solid, liquid and vapor, by Gerald Pollack (2013). It can be purchased through Thunderbolts or from Amazon, via the seller, Ebner and Sons Publishing. The subject has implications in space, the universe, and the production of energy - see a preview of his ideas at and see also for further information on the book.

Core Rotation

At ... new research from the Australian National University has revealed the centre of Earth is out of sync with the rest of the planet, frequently speeding up and slowing down. The inner core also rotates at a different rate from the mantle - but the speed varied. Consensus theory is that the rotation rate of the inner core is constant. Consensus likes constants and dislikes uncertainty.

Icebergs and Dark Matter

At ... ten years ago many astronomers or particle physicists disagreed that dark matter was important but now, that has changed. The post is about comments made by R Kolb and M Turner, authors of The Early Universe, a book that has become a standard textbook for students of cosmology and physicists alike. In the Galaxy piece they outline the way they think of dark matter and dark energy.