radiation block

19 Dec 2015

Joy sent in a link to https://eos.org/articles/human-radio-transmissions-create-barrier-to-kil... ... and at first I thought it was a spoof, then realised they were being serious. The claim is that inter-action between radio waves from human transmissions on the surface of the Earth and the Van Allen radiation belts creates a bubble around the Earth that high energy electrons cannot penetrate. Very low frequency radio transmissions from Earth may be involved - and the emphasis here might be on the 'may be'. The impenetrable barrier equally may not be entirely impenetrable but there appears to be NASA supported research involved - see www.nasa.gov/content/van-allen-probes-spot-impenetrable-barrier-in-space

When the Van Allen belts were first discovered the plasmophere (a cloud of plasma surrounding the earth) was suspected of having a connection with preventing the flow of cosmic rays into the atmosphere of the earth.