Red Spot

4 Feb 2017

At ... Japanese researchers have been looking at a red spot on Pluto. It may have developed, they suggest, after a collision. It is speculated that an object thumped Pluto and using computer simulation they suggest it may have created Charon (which is almost the size of Pluto).

At ... we are at the asteroid Ceres on this post - and the ice volcano. Lots more speculation.

At ... a stray black hole is hiding in the Milky Wat - or should that be lurking. We are told it is difficult to find black holes - because they are black. Chewing over that piece of wisdom we may note Japanese researchers from Keio University are involved - and simulation. While they were looking for the results of a supernova explosion out there in space they came across a small molecular cloud with an unexpected motion. It has been nicknamed the Bullet as it has a speed of 100km a second. In other words, it exceeds the speed of light. We are told it was impossible to generate such an energetic cloud under ordinary environments.

At ... a new study on how fast the universe is expanding. Apparently, it is faster than thercosmic microwave background