Richard Milton

26 Sep 2015

At ... there is a post on Richard Milton concering Darwinism, as he calls it but what we might call Gradualism or Uniformitarianism (evolution by painstakingly slow processes). He says that debate of Darwinism is forbidden in mainstream media. Alternative theories are discouraged. This is probably a self imposed decision rather than anything sinister as we have the same unwillingness to debate or take on CAGW. Self imposed PC. It is simply never discussed publicly - only on blogs or in articles outside of the reach of mainstream media.

You will probably like reading Richard Milton as he begins by saying that very early on the theory proposed by Darwin was modified to fit the Gradualist agenda (a bit like the way Continental Drift was modified into Plate Tectonics).

Milton is not anti-evolution. He is, instead, opposed to mechanistic reductionism (and you can de-cypher that as you will). His argument is that evolution by slow mutation and natural selection has never been proved and evolution is much more complex. There are missing links everywhere, even in George Simpson's famous evolution of the horse from Eohippus.