The star eaten by a black hole

18 Jun 2011

This story is at is actually what was drawn from the appearance of a bright flash of light observed on March 25th by a camera on a satellite. The news report has the title, 'black hole eats star, producing bright gamma-ray flash'. However, in the next sentence we are led to understand it is an hypothesis to explain the bright flash of light - and a black hole has not actually been seen but merely intimated by what is thought might cause such a bright flash of light. Indeed, it seems there might not even have been a star that disappeared - in a flash of light or otherwise. It is conjectured that a high energy jet was produced as a star was shredded by a black hole and the paper was published in Science Express (June 16th). The story is subsequently taken up at where the comments are worth scanning through - and relevant links to other web sites.