Suffolk Neolithic Trackway

2 Jul 2018

At ... brought to you by CNN - but is this fake news? Plans to build a super windfarm have come up with an archaeological site of unusual depth - deep in the heart of Suffolk (eastern England). Most prominent in this news release is the Neolithic trackway - dated at 2300BC. There was also the skull of an auroch (4000BC) as well as pottery from various periods, buildings (or their outlines), lots of bones, coins and various other interesting bits and pieces. The trackway is probably the one to get most comment - was it a road, a drove way, or a causeway across a saturated landscape. Actual information from the archaeologists themselves is required but it is worth noting the second half of the third millennium BC was much wetter than it had been (before and after, or even today). A story in the making we might say.